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    Does anyone even know who I am?

    This is my story, a story of a young lad trying to make his way in the management game. I will start out at a low English club and basically I will see where the game takes me, whether that be achieving meteoric success with said club or whether I am a journeyman and travel the world. I have no...
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    Paint The City Purple

    I'm back for a brand new story and I've decided to be newly formed Orlando City SC. These are one of the two new franchises in the MLS for 2015 and as they have no history I feel up to the challenge of creating some, just need to get my head around the draft system first. Club Information...
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    The Sean Keaney Chronicles

    (Yes I've jumped on the bandwagon) Sean Keaney was born on the 10th April 1998 (1990 really but I don't want to be too old at the start). I have grown up a die-hard Chelsea fan, going to games as often as I can. I was born in Reading and have grown up around that area, so the trip to Stamford...
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    LOSC Lille Métropole - Nous Sommes Les Dogues

    From Lille to Chelsea - A Sean Keaney Story. LOSC Lille announce Sean Keaney as new manager Lille announce the departure of Rene Girard after 2 years at the helm. The club have cited his poor relationship with the chairman as the reason for this departure. They have hired rookie manager...