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    Striker for Preston second season

    Getting real annoyed now. Been looking for a striker for literally over a year, and I can't find one who can put the ball in the back of the effing net and it's annoying me. I have plenty of money ( can go up to 5 mil), but no one wants to join/is good enough. Advanced forward or poacher please.
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    Kamel Chergui [LLM]

    Hey guys, noticed barely anybody posts about players in the lower leagues, so I thought I'd start adding a few gems I find, because it can be difficult, rather than signing Messi/Balanta/Bale et al. So I introduce to you... I'd imagine he'll drop as low as the Conference, and looks like...
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    What team have you had the most fun with?

    I don't mean 'what team have you made successful', I mean actual fun
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    Keeps happening to me...

    Reply's keep reopening the homepage in the quick quote. May be a problem in your css
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    Any news on the demo?

    Just got through that vid about the new features, it's looking great. The match engine looks passable this year, now there'll be more than 3 different types of goals scored! Wanting to try it out. When was last year's demo released? few week before the release wasnt it?
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    39.5 mil for Lucas Leiva

    second season, should I sell? love the bloke but ******* that's a wedge.
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    Andre Hahn

    Can't post a screenshot currently, but look this guy up. He plays for Augsburg, is a versatile attacking mid, and best part? His release clause is 2.1 million. Peanuts for someone as good as him
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    Is it just me, pr do Norwich ALWAYS become world beaters?

    Four or five saves I've had that go on longer than 2,3 years, and they always seem to be in the top four. Weird, I thought, then I checked their squad. Their squad is *****, almost EVERY year, too. My most recent one, three seasons in with Rangers, and I just took the Norwich job, they're sat...
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    France Football claims to have evidence that Qatar has been chosen to host WC 2022 by

    Bribery Tuesday, France Football has conducted an investigation on the appointment, without any apparent logic of Qatar as the host country of the World 2022 , made ​​twelve years before the competition. The result is instructive. Between acts of collusion and corruption that FF identifies in...
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    Ajax fined 10K for 'against modern football' banner

    Ajax have been fined €10,000 by Uefa after supporters unfurled an "anti-sheikh" banner against Manchester City during their Champions League group game in October. Regarded as "provocative", Uefa stated the banner "created unrest", missing the point spectacularly. Banners at the Amsterdam...
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    CB for AZ Alkmaar

    First year, anything under 2 million. Struggling to get players interested. went for okore, he turned me down. anyone? taaa
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    AS Monaco

    Right, started as Monaco under recommendation, second division, but have 13 million to spend. The trouble is, no one will negotiate with me! I mean no one. Tom Ince, Butland, Okore, essentially every player won't even negotiate with me. What do?
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    Zenit St Petersburg fans petition club to sack black players and demand all-white het

    The Russian club’s manager, Luciano Spalletti, has distanced himself from the group, who published an open letter on its website called “Selection Manifesto 12” in which it demanded certain "principles for selection" and preferred criteria for future signings. Zenit are the only top flight...
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    Struggling to score

    Sup, need a striker for league one club. Preferably a poacher, fast, but honestly I just want someone who can score for my Preston
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    Facepack fault

    yo My facepacks don't seem to be working. I downloaded, and extracted them to the graphics folder in FM13's folder, done the cache thing in preferences and reloaded the skin? Anyone know what's up? what could possibly be wrong? I downloaded that df11 megapack thingy
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    The 'Porto way'

    I.e buying small, selling large. Has anyone had any success with this model, in England? I can't seem to do it, I always end up spending too much and selling them off for the same
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    Anyone else having fitness problems?

    My physio's and stuff seems good etc, but so far every match most of my players are starting on about 70-80% and ending up mid 60's, so all my subs are just replacing them, not tactical changes.
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    What films have you turned off before they finished?

    Got me thinking, I'm sat here, watching Napoleon Dynamite and thinking 'wow, what a ******* dreadful film this is'. I don't normally turn films off, unless they're awful, what films have you turned off?
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    Footage of Asian fans being attacked at a football stadium in Euro2012 host nation

    BBC News - Asian fans racially abused in Euro 2012 stadium Sol Campbell has told the BBC's Panorama that Euro 2012 should not have been awarded to Poland and Ukraine, due to the racist and violent attitudes of some supporters. The former England captain advised fans to "stay home, watch it on...