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    Bug or My Mistake?

    Nearing the end of season 2 with Man Utd and I put a 100 mil bid in for Dybala which was accepted. As soon as I try and offer a contract there is a red * by the date of transfer. This bring up some text at the bottom which says something like "June xxxx whatever year it is" - basically next...
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    Defenders for Manchester United

    I've got around 50 million to spend - possibly 70. January 2020 coming up, I have sold Young, Valencia, Bailey (wanted to move to psg, kicked off) Smalling and Jones and got Varane. My defense is Shaw (Tierney coming in Jan as rotation), Lindelof, varane, Dalot with Rojo on the bench and a...
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    Tactic Testers?

    I'm thinking of putting up my tactic that I've developed from the day of release until now (until 2023 or so in game). I've been Manchester united and tweaked and changed my tactic across all of this time and I think it's pretty good. Its a 4 2(cms) 2 (wingers) 2 (strikers) with a specific set...
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    Who Would You Rather?

    Basically vote for which player you would rather have in your team. Every now and then I'll post a new poll and list the winners of match ups here. Comment why you made your choice if you like, remember it's just for fun ;) Round 1 Edgar Davids, one of the most recognisable players in recent...
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    Players You Love / Players You Hate?

    As it's going to be fairly quiet on here while the internationals are on, thought make a thread that popped in to my head. Name a player you love and why. Name a player you hate and why. Love: Gattuso. Gave 100% every game, did whatever he had to to get the win. A pain in the **** to play...
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    Striker PPMs

    Just wondering which PPMs seem to be successful for strikers. I have an all round unreal regen who is AMC / Striker, I use him as a complete forward. He has no PPMs. He scores a lot but not as many as I think he should for his attributes (I'm talking 27 in 32 though so he's still great!) I...
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    Euro 2016

    Forgive me if there is a thread! Just had a quick search and couldn't see one. Thought the site might need one soon ;) Just hearing Benzema is not going to be in the France squad. Huge player not to be there!
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    Loan Problems

    I'm Man United a few years in (2019 maybe) and I bought this wonderkid who is aged at 19. Derby come in with a loan offer and said he would be a 'Key Player'. I thought that would be ideal as they are in the Premier League and he would be playing a lot. So he goes off to Derby, all looks good...
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    What Should I Download to Enhance FM

    Basically I've never played FM on a very good PC before, the most I load is generally a couple of countries and medium database at best. I'm hoping to get a new laptop at Christmas and would like to chuck everything on there, badges, kits, face packs, skins etc. Is there an easy way to do this...
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    FM Base Meet Up for Euro 2016

    After chatting with a few members in the Chelsea forum we thought an FM Base meet up could be a bit of a laugh. The idea is to meet somewhere central in the country like Birmingham as it's easy to get to using trains etc and there will be plenty of hotels to book in to for a night (or two!)...
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    Players That Never Made It

    I have an idea for a story on FM16 when it's out. I want to give the guys who never made it a chance. I just need to make a full squad. My plan is to create a new club a few divisions down in English football. The players will all be aged 16 or so. I will create every player myself, but I need...
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    Club Reputation

    How the **** do you increase it? Barcelona have been top the whole time, I literally win everything every year since about 2016 bar the odd capital one cup. Still after winning the Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Super Cup, Sharity Shield etc etc I'm like 6th. I'm Man United and top...
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    Best 16 Year Olds in the Game?

    I'm thinking of doing a save where I use the editor to add all the best 16 year olds in to one team. Just a bit of fun really. So far I'm thinking Odegaard and Mastour. Any recommendations? I'd probabyl take some 17 year olds too.
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    I Miss Auction Games

    Remember a few years back with all the auction games... I loved those. Loads of work to make but great if somebody has time..... *HINT* ;)
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    Best Way To Find New Talent

    Basically I'm the furthest in to a save I've ever been! I'm Manchester United in 2023 and I only usually keep a save for a few seasons before I start a new one so I'm in new territory! I have 8 players who are home grown in my team and that should be fine for the next few years, the problem...
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    Players From Past FM Games You Loved

    Just been thinking back about players I used to buy through the years on CM / FM and wondered who other people used to love? I remember getting Emre Can a few years back from Bayern, he was a very decent young DM that developed nicely. Bruno Zuculini was similar and I've just remembered Man...
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    Making The Most Of Potential

    Right, I have another thread asking for cheap players that could become stars. This thread is to ask for any tips to get the best results. Any training advice? Good coaches? Ideas for loaning or sending players to affiliates? Normally I just put the players in the first team, set them to...
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    Importing Potential

    Looking to gather a group of players with good potential. Would like them all under 19. Don't want to spend a lot but for a few I will go higher. So far I'm thinking of starting a new save with Manchester united and buying- Munir - 10.75 million (more than I'd like to spend on a youngster but...
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    Tactic To Accomodate A Lot of Attacking Midfielders

    I'm Manchester United in my 4th season now and I have collected some great attacking mids/wingers. I have: James Rodriguez Andrew Ayew Januzaj Mata Quintero As well as rotating players Depay (on loan atm) Gauld (not as good as my others yet) Farfan (first season signing was class but is now...
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    Training Gabriel Barbosa

    I'm playing as Manchester united and I sold RVP to Barcelona first season and Hernandez to Juventus second season. I bought Gabriel Barbosa to replace them. He has come in the second season in September and just turned 18. He has been unreal so far. I have set him to play 45 mins for U21s and...