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  1. J

    LB - newcastle

    looking for a cheap left back that can cover santon and dodo. keep gettin injuries that are ******** me over, thanks
  2. J

    Striker & Defender

    Hey guys, yet again i'm in need of a striker and a defender. I'm needing a goalscorer as i seem to be unable to score at the moment. I'm also needing a defender who can preferably play anywhere in defense as i am low on defensive players due to injuries. At the minute i have Papis Cisse...
  3. J

    LFC Marshall update - cheap or bargain players?

    Just thought i'd start this thread as i have noticed that a fair ammount of people are using his update and looking for players. i would ask that anyone who has spotted any cheap or bargain players in this update to post them here. i want to start with michael ballack. free transfer at the...
  4. J

    huddersfield - second season

    been promoted to npower championship. got a decent squad but need a left and right winger. and advice on them? for about 5-8m to spend altogether
  5. J

    Newcastle: cheap striker - first season

    needing a fairly cheap striker preferably young that can provide decent cover. have welbeck on loan as well as cisse and ba. suggestions please :)
  6. J


    needing a lb for newcastle. not sure how much i have to spend as im still buying players. in first season. thanks (m'bengue and erik pieters have both gone to other clubs)
  7. J

    ben arfa

    need a replacement for ben arfa. just sold him for 15m. willing to spend about 10m on a replacement. suggestions please :)
  8. J

    centre back

    needing a centre back of about the quality of shawcross - shawcross is out for 1-1 and a half seasons in my first season as stoke. have 4-5m to spend though.
  9. J

    Newcastle - youngsters.

    I've built up a team with newcastle. i am in january now and im wanting youngsters with really good potential. have abour 18m to spend. thanks