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    Transfer Targets

    I've just started a new save using the FM Inside deadline day update. I've decide to use Southampton, I just need a few transfer suggestions to help with my squad. I'm looking to sell Gardos, Pied and Long. Selling these 3 should give me around £45M to spend. What I want- Ball Playing...
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    Centre Backs

    Who are the best CBs for £20M max.
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    Crystal Palace, 1st season.

    Not played much FM18, I've been too busy. I want to start playing and thought Palace could be a good challenge. I have £20M to spend, I don't think the squad is too bad, They just need abit of extra quality. What I'm looking for.... GK Defensive Mid. AMR- Winger AML- Winger
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    Centre Midfielders

    I'm looking for a few recommendations for the DM/CM position, Who are the best DM/CM you can buy for £10M Max?
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    Goalkeeper, Centre Back,Winger and Striker for Southampton.

    Just finished my first season, I finished a respectable 7th place. The board have given me £65M to spend, I have sold Gabbiadini to Monaco for £30m, Yoshida to Bournemouth for £6m, So my budget is going to be around £100M! What I want... GK- Youth, I want a young GK who can be back up for 2/3...
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    FM18 Staff

    Can any body recommend some good scouts in FM18, I'm really struggling in this years version to find good scouts. Nations I want.... Brazil Argentina Chile Portugal Mexico Italy Spain
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    West Ham 2nd season

    Just finished my first season with West Ham, I finished 12th. I was 4th until January, Injuries to key players killed my season off. I have been given a transfer budget of £50M with £200K in wages free. Where I want to improve the squad.... GK- Joe Hart is going back to MCFC, He's average at...
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    Southampton 1st season

    This is my first FM18 save, I have picked Southampton. My budget is £30M with £101K in wages to spend. I will be playing a 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1, I haven't decided yet. What I'm looking for.... LB- Rotation DM/CM- Youngster AML- Winger- First Team ST- Advanced Forward or Target Man- Key Player
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    FM18 Requirements

    I didn't know where to post this thread, Sorry if wrong place to post. My laptop has just broke, I'm looking for a new laptop. I was wondering if anybody could give a few good suggestions that would be good to run FM18. Budget is around $400.
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    3rd season with Saints

    I've just finished 6th, I also won the Carling Cup so I have Europa League football this season. I play a 4-2-3-1 formation, My budget is £60M and £300K in wages to use. I have a good squad, I just feel like I need to replace a few fringe players with abit of quality to take me to the next...
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    Southampton 2ns season (FM Inside 2/9/17 update)

    I've just finished my first season with the Saints, I finished the season in 9th, Injuries and having to play City, Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham cost me the chance of finishing in the top 4. I'm struggling to identify transfer targets, I don't feel like I need many additions I just need abit...
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    Virgil Van Dijk replacement.

    I;m in January 2017, It is currently transfer deadline day. The board have just screwed me over and accepted a £47M bid from Chelsea for VVD, I now have less than 12 hours in game to find a replacement. I need suggestions for a BPD to play on the right side, I have £25M to spend.
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    Who to sign for Everton (FM Insider update)

    Headline says it really, I need players to fit a tactic I have created. My budget is around £30M and £130K in wages. What I need.... LEFT BACK- Baines is getting on abit, Galloway is out on loan this season. They don't have to be great offensive, I'd rather they were good defensively . It...
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    Regista/Half Back

    I'm creating my own tactic, I want to use a Regista or a Half Back because I haven't used 1 in FM17. Who are the best in these roles for under £20M?
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    Southampton 1st season dilema

    I've had a break from FM, I've decided to do 1 last save before FM18. I've picked Saints, I like their squad and youth facilities. I have update FM, I have new promotions and transfers. My problem is I can't pick a tactic to get the best out of my team. What I want from my tactics..... I like...
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    FM17 Update

    This is my personal update, All transfers etc up to 11/6/17. Thought I'd post it for everyone to use.
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    New striker

    I'm looking for a Target Man/Advanced Forward. I'm willing to spend £25M max and I'd like someone under 28.
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    Bournemouth 1st season (New update)

    I have edited every thing to be like next season IRL, I have done promotions, relegations, expired contracts and all confirmed transfers to date. I have £16 Million to spend with £80K in wages free. As I've done updates,I now have Begovic. I'm looking threw the team and just see a few weak...
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    Ball Playing Centre Back and Box To Box Midfielder

    I've decided to make a few slight changes to my 4-5-1 tactic, I'm looking for a BPD and a B2B to Fit my tactic. Who are the best players for them roles for £10M max. thanks for any suggestions, Screenshots are also appreciated. Thanks.
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    2nd season with Everton, £40M to spend...Who to buy?

    I've just finished the first season, I managed to finish 8th in the league and lost in the League Cup final to Spurs. I'm happy with certain areas of the squad, I feel like I just need a couple of improvements in key areas to take the team to the next level. Where I need improving...