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    Hello, I'm not 100% sure if this is the correct section, but I have found a fantastic FM site which is dedicated to helping you - and it is free! It's called Mantralux (and can be found at '') and is made by someone called Ix Techau. I think you should check it out, as...
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    How do YOU play Lower League Management?

    Hello, I was just wondering how you guys play LLM. Do you sell all your assets for a price (if they are worth anything) or do you just release them? Do you completely overhaul your squad or do you keep it fairly the same? Do you ever pay transfer fees or use other people's shortlists? Do you use...
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    The Advanced Playmaker

    Hello, My name is Michael, although you may call me Mike if you wish. My Username is The Advanced Playmaker and I would appreciate it if you visit (and maybe follow) my blog The Advanced Playmaker. You can find it at: 'theadvancedplaymaker | Just another site' or at 'The Advanced...