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    4-4-2, 156goals, undefeated, all cups won.

    I just wanted to say that this started as a tweak of Shima's Tweak of Clash's 442. I have changed it and not sure how much it resembles the original tactic, but both of them laid the ground work from which it was built. It also uses Corners and Throw In's from Tff and Rego respectively...
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    Is there a way to actually take over the board of the club?

    I get so irritated with the board in pretty much every game I play, Win everything with derby, "can I have more coaches please?" -No. I think it's the part of the game that irritates me the most.
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    The Greatest of All Time. Messi or Ronaldo?

    I got bored and have never used Messi or Ronaldo before so I figured why not use both and see who is the greatest? I used the editor and changed them both to 16years old and at 100 ca. The goal is to see who ends up with the most goals, assists, pom, awards and so on. The will both have the...
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    Corners and Set pieces- Attack and Defend

    Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on what they feel the best tactics( specific tactic) are for the following. Attacking corner Defending corner Attacking set piece Defending set piece IM unsure for attacking corners- between zerosea or christian ericksen. Defending corners Attacking set...
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    Suggested Database size

    Does anyone have suggestions about database size i usually run a game with around 30,000 players, Do you find it more benefical to run it with more? does it make it more enjoyable?
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    How do you find the next big thing?

    How do you go about signing the next superstar? Personally i have a few different methods and i was wondering what other people do. - i search by age and value look at all the players 21 or below and scout each age bracket - i search under 21 teams(national) for the players that are most...
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    Rival Managers- Lack of ability and stupidity

    It seems like rival manager stats have no bearing on the game what so ever. I started a southhampton save which lasted 4 seasons I finished 4th, 3rd, 1st, 2nd won the fa cup and reached the champions league final- awesome, thats not the point though the point is i had built up a really good...
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    Bug? agent offers me everyone thats transfer listed

    I have agent offers set to never but i am still getting offered every transfer listed player as soon as they become transfer listed. anyone have a solution to this?
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    What face pack to use?

    can someone link me a face pack i can download, prefferably one that has everyone in one pack.
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    Help wanted with creating a tactic

    I have been playing this game for donkeys years and have used many wonderful tactics created so many great tacticans on here. However the time has come where i would like to create my own except i just dont know what to do. i would like to play 3-5-2, or more specifically 3-2-2-1-2 3...
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    Liverpool How Long Will It take?

    I enjoy playing with liverpool but its too easy to win, if you are a liverpool fan you will know that we have been waiting for a title for a while. But how long will it take if we make it harder.... The current "big four" have been blessed by the gods and all have had crazy transfer windows...
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    Thoughts on Training

    Hello just trying to get an idea of how everyone's training is working for them, i have tried quite a few different training schedules and i am not getting as good results as i have in previous versions of the game. Im finding in particular youth players are just not developing at all until...