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    lazy manager looking for lazy tactic

    so, im about to start a new game on fm18. been playing 10 & 11 until now. im a lazy manager, so i'll be playing the touch version. can anyone recommend any plug n play type tactics, or anything with less tweaking to do? cheers
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    new to fm18

    hi guys. new to fm18. been playing fm for years, but only versions fm10, 11 & 12. bought 18 as i liked the match engine. but this version seems quite different to those mentioned, so i feel almost a newbie. ive started on the touch version to give me a feel for the game. started as hansa...
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    Target man

    Apologies if this should be in tactics section, but anyway... does playing a lone target man ever work? my team has slow forwards, but have pretty good attributes as target men. ive made a tactic around what i had, and a few loaners. No money to buy. playing a 4231 direct. Att wingers floating...
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    signing players

    sorry if this is a bit of a noob question. Anyway... when you guys sign players, do you look for things like player personality, decisions, and things like stats, ie: a defender that has a good tackles per game percentage, even if he doesnt have very good attributes? or do you just sign players...
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    manuel neuer

    ok, so i have neuer as my gk. Havent played him yet as he's injured. Great attributes, except his handling is 10. Need funds and to free up wages for a bit of squad rebuilding. Should i sell him, or would he still be good despite his poor handling attribute?
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    interfering chairman

    Hi guys, some help please im at a club, where i decided youth was the way to go. I hoovered up loads of young talent for a pittance. I kept rejecting bids for them, but now my chairman keeps stepping in and flogging them off. Im not talking gazillions...2-3.5 mill. Considering i paid peanuts...
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    not sure if this is technical or not, but can i change the language from english? just thought id try playing in spanish to learn a bit of the lingo. Doesnt give me any options except english, in the dropdown menu. Im still playing fm11 by the way, but im guessing the preferences are the same...
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    Anyone playing as FC Nantes?

    i'll be amazed if i get an answer to this, but here goes... looking for a good tactic for nantes, obviously...1st season, default team, and using patch 13.3 cheers
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    tactic for palace pls...

    ****** off palace fan...fed up with that clown freedman, and his negative, hoofball ****...decided to start a new first season on 12.2 patch...would prefer a nice plug n play style (im a lazy manager), preferably a tactic with wingers cheers
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    need a tactic...

    for my beloved sporting gijon...first season (so, primera liga), 12.2 patch, default database, no players signed yet (just loaded the game) any recommendations to spoonfeed me with please? cheers
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    skin problem

    apologies mods, if ive posted in the wrong place. I did try the skin thread, but got no clear answer, so guessed there must be someone here to help. my skin problem isnt a rash in an embarrassing place...ive downloaded two skins, neither of which show up in the dropdown menu in preferences. Ive...
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    Saving match highlights.

    First off - apologies mods, if this is in the wrong section. could anyone tell me how to save match highlights? my centre back scored a belter from inside our own half, and i wanted to save it, then email/post it on facebook. im still playing fm11, if it makes any difference? cheers chaps
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    apologies mods, if this is in the wrong place. saw the story of the new brad pitt film of the thread title...a coach who takes a baseball team with limited finances, signs journeymen, misfits and outcasts, and turns em into title winners. i remember a good few years back when racing club of...
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    Newcastle, 1st season (2010)

    Newcastle, 1st season budget - approx 15mill (not looking to blow the lot, and want to keep my wage budget down) using JP Woody's high scoring 11.3 tactic thinking of offloading jonas gutierrez, hatem ben arfa (does he come good?), shola ameobi, peter lovenkrands, kevin nolan. any ideas on...
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    Should i get out more?

    why is it when im travelling on a tube, bus or train or just out in general, im thinking about how i need to tweak my tactics, player instructions etc?...what players to offload, or who i might sign am i addicted?...does anyone else find themselves doing this??
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    Help please?!

    Hi you lot Im totally new to FM10...ive played champ manager since the very 1st game on amiga and been very successful, but now i want to play a more up to date game...i did buy FM09, and try as i might, i just did not get it...I was absolutely useless!...i read the manual, and even the 50...