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    Inverted Wing-Backs for Arsenal 2nd season

    Looking for a left sided Inverted Wing-Back for the second season at Arsenal, currently top of the league in March but Kolasinac isn't suited for the role. I've been using and training Iwobi to play there but while he does play better he's still awkward at the minute. From scouting I can't...
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    Player has missed training 7 times and still complains when I fine him

    I have a regen that I bought into the club for £11m, he has 5* potential and I've already given him starts in cups. But it seems every other week he's out late at night and misses training the next day. At first I ignored it, then gave him warnings. Now I'm fining him but he says it was too...
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    Is there a way to re-apply for a vacant international position that's still open?

    So it's just after the 2018 World Cup and Italy, Spain and England all sacked their managers. I applied for all three jobs and was offered Italy and Spain. I accepted Spain but changed my mind, quit and was going to go for Italy but in the Job Centre the job is still listed but it says 'applied'...
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    Is this newgen worth £28m?

    I've been adding to youth teams with a £144m budget I've been given and Barca want me to meet his release clause at £28m IS he worth it?
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    New signings want ridiculous wages

    So, I've agreed a fee for Julian Brandt who has been transfer listed at Leverkusen, in his report one of the pros was that his wage demands would only be 15-33k. When I come to the contract discussions his agent wants 3.5m plus 180k for a rotation role with an additional raise to 200k after 20...
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    How often do you change jobs in a save?

    Whenever I start a save I always end up becoming attached to a certain club and never accept any other jobs except from national teams. I find it too hard to give up on a project I started to move to another club. Anyone else?
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    Steam crashes everytime I try to launch FM16

    I've tried it in offline mode too and it still doesn't work. I just get Steam client bootstrapper has crashed. Then if I try again it says FM16 already running. If I restart and try again it just does the same thing. Any ideas?
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    Arsenal 1st season, need 2 HG players

    Just started and need HG players to get the minimum 8. Have £60m and 500k but don't really know where to target. Literally just started so only got base squad.
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    I suck at managing lower league clubs, help?!

    I can't manage any team outside the top flight of the big 5 leagues. I've just started another save with Notts County and have no idea where to look for transfers. The players up for loan either aren't good enough or don't want to come to league 2 and I can't find any players in my budget for...
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    2017 - Paul Pogba, Aaron Ramsey or Emre Can

    I've had offers for all three accepted, Can is the cheapest at £44m (40 up front), Ramsey is £64m (44 up front) and Pogba is £80m (35 up front). Should I break the bank for Pogba?
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    Attacking CM for Dortmund 4th season

    Hi all, Now in my 4th season with Dortmund and won the Bundesliga twice and German cup all three times. I feel like a have an almost perfect squad except for an attacking CM. Here's my current squad: GK: Lloris, Weidenfeller RB: Carvajal, Piszczek LB: Marcelo, Schmelzer CB: Hummels, Balanta...
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    Dortmund 2nd Season - Hummels, Reus, both want to leave - Replacements?

    Budget of about £70m if I sell them who are the best replacements? I could do with two new CB's as Barcelona just bought Ginter and I sold Subotic in the first season. If Hummels goes I'll be left with Balanta and Sokratis as my only true CB's Right now my LW/RW are Reus and Kampl with...
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    Arsenal 2nd season, what improvements?

    Going into my 2nd season my current starting XI is: Szczesny Marcelo (WB) Balanta Koscielny Debuchy (WB) S. Bender (BWM) Ramsey (DLP) Sanchez (IF) Ozil (AP) Depay (IF) Alcacer (CF) The bench is normally: Ospina, Gibbs...
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    1st season in BPL, morale problems

    I've won promotion to the BPL for the first time and haven't won a game yet. I've added some top quality (compared to what I had) players but it'll obviously take some time for them to settle properly, while that happens I'm struggling and as a result everyone has negative morale. How the ****...
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    Players not selling even with ridiculously low asking price

    I've started a new game with Nottingham Forest and before signing new players need to sell some as they're already over the financial fair play restrictions but no one will sell. I put up Jamie Mackie who is valued at £3.2m with an asking price of £1.5m which attracted no offers. I've been...
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    Ridiculous agent fee demands

    So, it's 2017 in my Madrid save and Marcelo wants out. Fine, I sell him for £25m giving me a total transfer budget of over £100m and wages over £200k. With this I decide to sign Alaba, the best LB in the game, to take Marcelo's place before Shaw is ready. Transfer talks are easy then I get to...
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    Improving R. Madrid 3rd Season

    (accidentally posted this in the main player forum too.) I'm in 2016 having won La Liga all three years, one CL and multiple domestic cups. The team becomes unstuck against larger foreign teams in CL. I won the Euros with Italy with the same tactics as heavy underdogs so who should I sign to...
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    Improving R. Madrid 3rd Season

    I'm in 2016 having won La Liga all three years, one CL and multiple domestic cups. The team becomes unstuck against larger foreign teams in CL. I won the Euros with Italy with the same tactics as heavy underdogs so who should I sign to improve my club team? GK: Casillas, David Lopez DR...
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    National team requirements

    I'm in my second season at Real Madrid and applied for the vacant France job who "laughed off appoxplayer's interest". I'm undefeated in La Liga with only one defeat in my career so far in the Champions League semi-final having won La Liga, Spanish Cup and the Spanish Super Cup As well as...
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    Di Maria for Adnan Januzaj?

    I'm playing as Madrid start of second season and Man Utd have offered me 1.7M, 7.75m over 30 months and Adnan Januzaj. Is it worth it? Di Maria was one of my best players last season with 16 goals and 11 assists from 25 games and an av rating of 7.54. Is Januzaj alright on the AMR or should I...