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    Cant upload highlights

    Hi, During the match on Football Manager 2018, when I score a goal I click the option to upload highlight to youtube but it doesn't do anything. Does anybody experience this and if so, why? I have my Youtube account linked to FM18 but still have the same problems. Thanks
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    Best place to buy FM16

    Finally decided to buy it was wondering where should I get it from? Want a instant download for it but cheapest place. Cheers
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    New update?

    Hi, Just wondering when the official update will be released for all the January updates? As far as I'm aware they release one each year but not 100% sure if they do. Would like this so I can start a classic mode game with updated transfers! Thanks
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    Any way to move bar back to top?

    I know this is a new 'feature' of FM15 but I prefer to have my bar along the top. Is there anyway to move it back to the top? By the bar, I mean the one with Inbox, Squad, Schedule etc. Thanks
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    Ok so this is confusing....

    Ok... so basically I signed a player called Domenico Berardi on a free as his contract was coming to an end with OM. On the day he was due to join, everything went through fine and I was also able to register him to be able to play in Premier League. Since the season started I have not been...
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    FM14 Store

    I've just started a new game (in normal FM mode) and when I go to the store a few of the items say already purchased but won't let me apply them to my game. Any reason why? Just wondering if because I unlocked them in Classic Mode do they not apply to normal mode? Thanks
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    Making New Club

    Gonna make myself a club in the editor. Moving them into the olympic stadium and was wondering a good name for them? All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
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    How to get transfer update working in classic mode?

    Basically I'm using a transfer update from the downloads section which works fine in Normal mode, but how do you get them working in classic mode? Cheers
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    Game wont work!!!

    Basically, I installed Football manager '13 yesterday after re-formatting my pc and it didnt work. Everytime I tried to load it it would say 'Completing installation" and when it gets to 100% it would just stand there. The process is showing in my task manager but its like 26,000k when i know it...
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    Just Ordered FM12 through FM-BASE

    Hello. I just managed to order FM12 through here, and received everything nicely like the codes, so I can activate it on Steam and it's downloading all nicely as we speak. I was just wondering out of curiosity, do you also get a hard-copy of the game mailed to your postal address? Cheers, Matt
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    Ordering FM12

    Hello. I'm trying to order FM12 through here, i get to the payment page, put all details in which are my brothers as he's agreed to buy it for me and the shipping address to my works. I have entered all my details correctly, but when it is processing the order, it returns saying payment has...
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    Bolton Wanderers Tactic

    Hello. I'm looking for a good attacking tactic for my Bolton team. Just about to start my 2nd season and just about scraped survival. I also want a good solid defensive one so that when playing against teams like Man Utd & Chelsea away from home, I can maybe get a cheeky draw. Any help is...
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    FMRTE - Manager Status

    Hello. I am just wondering how I increase my Job Security with FMRTE as it's currently very insecure. I've been the manager at Bolton for about 5 seasons now and this is my first bad season and on the verge of being sacked. I have got so far so I don't really wanna be sacked and carry on. I...
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    FM11 Playable/View Only

    Hey guys. I had a quick scan through the forums and couldn't find anything about this, so here goes and sorry if there is already a thread! Basically, when I create a new game, I select England, France, Germany, Italy & Spain and it gives all as playable and it gives me 33,000 players. When I...
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    Tactic for Bolton

    Hey. I'm looking for a tactic for my Bolton team. I started in December 2010 with them and they were 5th after Owen Coyle got them there. I'm at beginning of February now and we're on a bad run. I have pretty much the same team as you get at the start of the game. I'm hoping to keep it 4-4-2...
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    New stadium at beginning of 2nd season

    I started a save with Portsmouth a few days ago and at the begging of the 2nd season thought I'd ask for a new stadium just for the crack. Funnily enough, they said they are going to look into it and its being planned for the end of the season. Has anyone ever got this for Portsmouth and is it a...
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    Aaron Mokoena

    Hey I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but in my Portsmouth save, I set Aaron Mokoena to attack the front post on corners and he scores a fair few goals. Has anyone else noticed this at all? I'm using patch 11.2.1 Mat
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    Feature: Where are they now?

    Anyone else noticed this nice little feature? It's not much use but just thought it was pretty cool. Discovered it once I finished my season and they said my best 11.
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    There is a way to increase tycoon takeovers

    Before you read the guide, this (in my books) is classed as cheating, but who cares it's your game. I'll be explaining how to get a tycoon takeover 100% of the time. There's only 1 flaw with this, every other club that gets taken over has a tycoon as well. Onto the guide.. STEP 1: Go to...
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    All transfer budgets for major leagues

    I have seen a lot of posts lately about transfer budgets for different leagues so created this thread so no more of them appear. Enjoy. England: Premier League: Arsenal: 15m-19.25m (1.2m-1.3m) Aston Villa: 18m-26.5m (900k) Birmingham: 15.5m-25m (425k-500k) Blackburn: 1.5m-1.9m (575k-625k)...