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    scottish premier leauge

    I don't think there is one. I wish people would do them all separately for each league but they all get put in one pack.
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    British& Irish Lions

    Just wondering if anyone is in the know how to create a Britain and Ireland national team and delete the home nations teams so that you just have one united Brit/Irish team so that players like Bale,Terry,McGeady etc could play in the same team. I have tried to delete the home nations but it...
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    Match Screen

    I dont want to download kits i know there is a lot of threads with kit downloads, what i want to know is on the match screen is there a way of the kits showing up on the Information screen when you are in a match like it did in FM 08? is there a box i have to click or delete in editor? As all...
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    Editor Manual

    Hi, I like many people are having big problems with the Editor does anyone know if there is a manual i can download? I have looked at YouTube and it tells me how to load a Database but not how to create a league with teams. The game said it would be "user friendly" but its clearly not. so...