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    Clean Legit Online Game Till We Retire (Serious Managers Only)

    Hi Guys, I've been looking to join a decent online FM Career game for days but to no avail. So I'm going to start one and the format will be as follows: Max No. of Human Managers Preferred 4 Only. Leagues ENG, ESP, GER, ITA, FRA, POR & HOL. (Approx. 120,000 players type of database)...
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    The Italian Trequartista (Plug & Play) 14.3.1

    Been having fun with a tactic that I created from scratch after studying on some of the more successful tactics out there. Since there are the Tiki-Takas, Klopp's and Conte's versions all round this forum, I decided to go for nostalgia. A tactic that was used by a lot of Italian teams back in...