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    Please lads...

    Right lads all i'm after is.. A normal facepack for the premier league,but i want the cut out faces please like the ones in the 50,000 face's file. If anyone would do this for me i would be Verry greatfull! So please lads
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    The Gunners

    Hey Guys and Gals, Recentley got Football Manager for X-Mas so as you can expect i couldent wait to install it.But then when i had it all loaded up on my laptop ready to play i just couldent think who to go so.. i was thinking of my favourite players in the premiership and come across The...
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    Runescape! Ever played it? Ever been addicted to it?
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    Where does every one work??

    Hello guys and girls, Just wondering where every works lol... Ill get the ball rolling i work at JD SPORTS
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    Anyone up for Fifa 10 On the PS3

    If so add me : Bond10 ---------- Post added at 05:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:06 PM ---------- Anyone??
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    Please help me!

    when i put a new skin in my game it works but look at the writing its black not white so i cant see it verry well ...........
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    "The witch team out of these 8 teams to go Thread"

    Hi! Witch team shud i go out of these 8 teams......... please help!:D Celtic Q.P.R Wolves Derby Roma Southampton Wigan Ajax
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    First Season With Liverpool Need Player Help.

    Hello, I am going to start up a new liverpool season because i am sick of my manchester city one. But before i start i would like to now who to buy and sell.And if you could help me with this that would be great. :D -Tomasini
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    Athletico madrid.

    My new season with my second favourite club has begun but i am strugaling to decide who to buy/sell.So if you could help me with your GREAT IDEAS that would be fantastic. HELP IS DEEPLY APPRICIATED. Thank you.
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    Players For West Ham??

    Hey, I recentley started a new game with West Ham and i can't think of anyone to sighn.So if you could give me any sudgestans that would be great. HELP IS DEEPLY APPRICIATED.