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    Follow Your Career: The Staff Edition

    Well, it's that time of year when the release of Football Manager blesses us all and, as a result, the moment you've all been waiting for - The most electrifying member of the FM Base forum is going to bring you an above average Follow your Career game that is filled by numerous staff members...
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    Looking to purchase a laptop.

    Right, as the title suggests I am looking to buy a laptop and would not like to shell out shitloads of money for a low specification machine. So my question to the FM Base community is: Do any of you know any reliable sites that do great deals on custom building your laptop? I've seen a few...
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    Funny/Random things in FM2012

    For all those moments that leave you laughing, shocked or bewildered or whether you just want to share something with the FM-Base community but isn't worth its own thread, post it in here (Preferably with screenshot(s)) This is an FM2012 edition of this thread...
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    The Call of Duty: Black Ops Wager Match Tournament (PS3)

    Considering there hasn't been a wager match tournament on FM-Base or a tournament that has lasted at all for the PS3 I thought I would host one. What I'd like to do is have two groups of 6 (Obviously wager matches require 6 players to begin) but if 12 players can't be achieved then I'll have...
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    Ridiculous scoring records

    Whether it be International, League or in all Competitions, share your screenshots here of players that have unreal scoring records. I'll start us off with (Unsurprisingly) Khouma Babacar with his scoring record for Senegal:
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    The Men of IRC (No ****)

    Considering I can’t seem to get into a game in FM2011, I decided to make a game where I don't actually play a single match. I had regulars from the FM-Base IRC channel provide me with details that allowed me to put them into a database and will holiday the game and provide in-depth yearly...
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    The 'Looking for Staff' thread

    In order to prevent an influx of similar threads asking for coaches/scouts etc, use this thread if you want other FM-Base members to help you find the right Staff member for your club. Please use the template, if you do not, your request will probably go unanswered. Club: Level: Position...
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    Medal of Hono(u)r

    Anybody getting this game? I just pre-ordered mine for the PS3, out in a weeks time. Hopefully will keep me occupied and entertained until FM and CoD, and hopefully longer.
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    Funny/Random things in FM2011

    For all those moments that leave you laughing, shocked or bewildered or whether you just want to share something with the FM-Base community but isn't worth its own thread, post it in here (Preferably with screenshot(s)) This is an FM2011 edition of this thread...
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    How fast can you type?

    Thought I would ask the question, since a lot of us spend a **** of a lot of time on our computers, how quickly can you type? Try the game: and post screenshots afterwards if you want. This is mine:
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    Henry retires from International Football

    With Heskey's retirement already announced and rumours of Puyol retiring from Spain duty surfacing, Thierry Henry is has also hopped on the bandwagon. Discuss? This is on Sky Sports News now by the way.
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    Lorenzo Ariaudo

    Defender with great stats, sign him up while cheap.
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    Arsenio Valpoort

    Ironically playing for Arsenal, this striker has very good potential which has been realised in the screenshots:
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    Sofiane Hanni

    French player with good potential, starts off at FC Nantes, can be bought for around 3-4M at the start I believe:
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    Robben out of World Cup?

    Arjen Robben was taken to hospital for scan on leg injury caused during the Netherlands' friendly with Hungary.
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    Closed Thread

    Thought I'd make a thread where people can protest the innocence of their thread, and now I'm going to start off with a simple query. Why was the General Historical Discussion thread closed? Look forward to a response.
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    General Historical Discussion

    If anybody is interested in posting about anything of Historical Importance, past wars/people/events then this is the place to be. I'm looking for sexy debates people. Let's get it on.
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    Nations of the World Quiz

    I thought it would be interesting to test my Geographical knowledge and now you can test your own: Follow the link and do the quiz, you have 15 minutes to name 190+ countries. Good luck. I got 139 which I thought was pretty good. Don't be a *** and look...
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    Your Worst Season?

    Erm, my worst has to be winning no trophies and coming 4th in the League with Arsenal. I was not happy.
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    Funny/Random Things in FM

    Sorry if there's a thread for this but I really didn't think there was. Anyway to start things off I found this humourous... Check out the desired signing on fee: Seriously, what would he do with it?!