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    Players League 1 2014

    Need some players for my League one team! Budget 1m, Wage 300k.
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    Arsenal Defenders

    Now then FMBASE I am Arsenal January 2012, I need some ideas on Young Prospects (15-20 )that will turn out to be amazing I am looking for RB,CB'S,LB....Please help me, I couldn't find Rankins Thread. Ash
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    Chamakh deal?

    I never get answers on Deal OR No Deal thread, So please don't remove :) Anyway Barca want to buy Chamakh off me, I have Lukaku, , VP , Kadlec and also Neymar in 2011/2012 There offer was 20M. Deal or no Deal? Thanks
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    Stay or Go!!

    Barca offered Fabregas..2011/2012
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    Arsenal Rb/ Young Rb aswell..2ND Season

    What is says in title I have signed Appiah but not to sure..
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    Arsenal Defender Jan 2011 ..25 Mill

    Need 1 young defender and also maybe a under 25 year defender..One that can become great one that can just go straight in the team..
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    Arsenal GoalKeeper - Start of season

    Any suggestions, I could get Lloris for 30m! Any other suggestions..
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    I have a budget of 3M Need youngsters in these positions CB.RB.CM To be class.
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    Lukaku Or Sanogo?

    I have agreed contracts with them both, This is in my Sampdoria first season.. Lukaku: 10.5m Sanogo: 5.75m Witch one? I have Pozzi,Macheda and Maccarone Ash
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    Ac Milan Training

    As FmBase removed the " Quick Search Bare " I can't find any training for my team, Whats the best one for Ac milan? Ash x
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    Zacharie Boucher

    Right i'm wondering how good this guy gets im in 2012 and teams offering me 2.9million for him..I'm 3rd in championship with scunthorpe so anyideas?
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    BoardRoom Problem!

    Hello, Right at the moment i am Scunthorpe Untied. I got Zavon Hines and Ibrahim really cheap and now teams like Derby offer 1million for Hines and Hearts offered 1.2million for Ibrahim however the boardroom accepted the bids, I need them players why do they accept?
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    Question On Darnel SITU

    Now then Fmbase , Im asking about if i got Darnel Situ cheap? I payed 3.3 million for him on 11.2 DB in January 2011? Which was for my Arsenal team. However is he Any good and will he develop well, Mod's feel free to move it or close it when my question is answered thankyou very much, Ash.(H)
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    Marco Verratti Problem

    Right guys , I have a problem with Verratti he seems to de loosing it, Second season anyone recommend something to sort this out. Thanks.
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    Danny Rose question.

    Hello fm base, Basically i have Danny Rose onloan from spurs in 2011/2012 season for full season, i was wondering if its worth signing him because he suits to my formation. I am scunthorpe in the championship, Im keen on signing wonderkids so im asking is he a good developer? Gromit. ----------...
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    Scunthorpe United Trouble.

    Now then FmBase i am looking for a bit of help from you lot , I have been Scunthorpe United which are my home team for the first period of the season and i am very disappointed. I feel i have made some great signings also i recently sent Bebe back to manchester united. Ill attach a few...
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    Assistant Manager Help.

    Now then , Right i have a Goal Keeper coach as my assistant i want to make him the goal keeper coach and sign a new Assistant Manager? How do i do that? Gromit
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    Who can create a Logo?

    Im wondering who doesn't mind making me a Logo is i give them everything they need. Gromit243
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    Hello Fm base , Right i was just wondering is anyone doing requests for like Logo's and Kits? I've been looking seem none is bothered , if someone is looking to edit for me please don't hesitate and reply to me or could other point me in the right direction thanks team.
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    Best Team Instructions

    I was wondering which are the best team instructions to use, At this moment in time i am using Get ball forward,Pass to feet,Work ball into box,Hassle opponents and finally Stay on feet. I'm not sure if people recommend these but i would like to see what people use. Thanks Gromit. If this is...