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    new game mod crash

    hi everyone i think i found wot has been making the database crash when you start a new game before you save the changes check that no mistakes have been made on new players/staff check you have not left blanks in any of the fields relationships is one if you have to remove the blanks on...
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    data editor

    my game keeps crashing after i try to load the mod i made in the database i now have reinstalled the game it works fine with out using the database why does this happen :(
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    makeing a new team

    im making a new team but need some good players and staff for my team anyone got any ?? i got so far messi nani
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    wot do u think of my team i made based on our uni

    i made this team based on uni im pleased with it iv got a good team
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    my game

    got a game going add my hamachi address is man u and huddersfiled are taken so is canada england all leagues and other leagues mods are allowed anytime playing