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    Story GFX Request

    I dunno where i should have posted it so i thought Graphics would be best. I wanted some Sub-headers for a story im planning. I was wondering if i could get the following Transfers - With 2 other sub-headers one saying In one saying Out Honours Results League Table Cups Tactics Europe Can...
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    Disciplinary Rule Help

    I want to start a game in Denmark but looked at disciplanary rules and it sayd one match ban after 15 Points. how many cards make up 15 points and so on?
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    Soccer Am Skill School 25th September

    does any know where i will be able to see todays skill school as my mate was on it as it was man city doing it and i missed it and i wanna see how and what he did. Thanks
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    FM 2005 Banned In China

    before i put about this i know some people wont care so please to put pointless messages. I just found this on the internet and the game was banned in China because Tibet was recognised as its own country and not under Chinas ruling. This is one of the only games i thought would not be banned...
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    Portsmouth - LB, RB, LM

    Im Looking for a Decent LM for Pompy 1st season. looking for frees as i can only do 3 month loans. i have enough wage space. ---------- Post added at 07:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:45 PM ---------- Also A Goalie Now ---------- Post added at 08:11 PM ---------- Previous post was...
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    Help Crash Dumps!

    just about to finish 4th season with Tenerife and got to Europa League final and everytime i go to play i get crash dumps no matter if i holiday or play the game and its really annoyed me as i hardly ever get this interested in a game. :(
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    Basquing In The Spanish Sun

    Background Info Athletic Bilboa are one of the only teams in the world that restrict there club from buying players outside the local area. In this case that area being the Basque area. The other well know club that does this is C.D. Guadalajara Aka Chivas from the Mexican 1st division. The...
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    Why cant i sign Beckham on 1 year contract

    Basically what the title says. I put a bid in for Beckham, it got accepted and got to the contract bit and it says he wants a 1 year contract. Its 2009 and the least i can sign him til is 2011. Help??
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    Chelsea - ST, LW

    Im Looking for a Target Man and Complete forward for striker role and a Left Winger in a Inside Forward role. Beginning of 1st Season and money is no problem. Thanks
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    Medal Of Honour Beta Codes

    Just go on - follow instructions and get BETA codes for Medal Of Honour (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC)
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    Database Request

    Could someone please make a database with the prize money of the leagues France, Germany, Italy & Spain. Top place earnin 100Million gradually going down . Thanks in advance
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    Bayern Munchen

    I have just under 20Million to spend. Year 2009/10 January. Looking for a Target man/Deep Lying Forward kind of striker to cover Gomez or start along side Muller/Olic. Preferebly to be German. They dont have to be but im trying to build a dominate German team. I have this problem as i loaned...
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    Need Help With Milan Squad

    Now before anyone says i know theres threads for tatics and player roles but this goes in both and tatics one has a few un awnserd Now I am a game into my second season with Milan and need help with tatics and who to play where. 1st Season i won League and Champs League but seem to have gone...
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    Final Destination 5 Renamed 5NAL DESTINATION

    That 5 is way too close to being a A XD Final Destination 5 Gets Renamed 5NAL DESTINATION Posted on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 by Peter Sciretta ]In one of the worst title changes of the last few years, Warner Bros has apparently decided to change the title of the fifth Final Destination...
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    Nation Rules Help

    I have done some nation rules for the French league and want to do it to some over leagues such as Prem and Serie A but i cant find how to do this as the Add Nation Rules button is not there and the only Nation rules i can change is the French. I can search compertitions and all the other stuff...
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    Signature Request

    I dont know where to place this but could someone make me a Millwall Signature for my story please. Also when i get a Sig i would need someone to explain how i get the link in it so people can just click it. Thanks In Advance
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    Millwall On Their Way Up

    Im using StuWs Update here so i start in N-Power Championship ------------------------------------------------ Kenny Jackett Walks Shock at the Den as Newly promoted Millwall manager Kenny Jackett walks out. Reports are he wants to go back to his beloved Watford. Reports on who the next...
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    1 V 1 Challenges

    Basically just 1v1's against other users. You will have to complete 1 Season an who ever gets highest league points wins. Rules No use of FMRTE or Editor to cheat with. No wonder tatics such as Mr.Houghs or Corner Tatics Most post screenshot of Final League Table Deadlines are 1 week...
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    Director Of Football Challenge

    Not my challenge Idea. This is from another site Sick and tired of the drudgery of the managing life? Then this challenge might just be for you! Basically, I've tried to recreate as much as possible a Director of Football role within the game. The basics are you go on holiday for most of the...
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    Tommo's Auction Game

    I know theres a few going around at the moment but people who wanna be in some aint so heres there chance although it is still 1st come 1st serve. I also wont be playing to be fair. The rules are basically same as the others. this is because why change if the others are working. So teams get...