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    FMKorea 4-3-3 Attacking Beta

    Do you use any OI's or such?
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    West Ham 4-3-3

    I can recommend you this post on sigames forums. Updated for newest match engine. Works well enough for me...
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    Hum4njeje Raumdeuters 2020 Complete

    They act like it because of their PPM's i believe - not sure. They both have cuts inside with ball so that could be it. I have set them to switch positions with eachother and then they act more like traditional wingers. They both have good"forward" stats also so that could also be a huge factor...
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    Hum4njeje Raumdeuters 2020 Complete

    Using this as Liverpool and using Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah as Raumdeuters. Mane on the left wing and Salah on the right - as is their natural. They both have descent stats as forwards and its going great. I could swap them and use them as instructions states and maybe works better? so far...
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    4-1-2-3 Regista v1

    I have made some tweaks to your regista V does wonders now for my Liverpool team. - Removed get stuck in because lot of yellow cards and instead added split block where the frontmost 5 players have PI to press and tackle more - Lowered defending line to "higher" and pressing line to...
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    4-3-1-2 for 14.1.4

    Hi guys, my first ever post here :) I?ve created a really good formation (imo anyway) for my Liverpool save. It is a 4-3-1-2 that goes a little bit like this 2 complete offensive wingbacks set on attacking duty 1 central defender set on support duty 1 central defender set on stopping duty 3...