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    My team suddenly lost the ability to shoot past the keeper

    Hey guys, I'm doing an LLM game in FM14, currently in the N. Ireland Premiere with a side I promoted from C2. We've had a good run, played in the Europa League twice now, this season making it to the qualifying round (beat out a Portuguese Premiere League team!). We've always been a scoring...
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    How can I get my B team in an actual league?

    Hey guys, I decided to resurrect an fm14 save with a N. Irish 3rd division side that I helped reach the top division. The interesting thing is that my youth intake is really good: I have over 40 (!) young players out on loan to division 2 and 3 teams. So basically my B team could easily...
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    How can I get my B team in an actual league?

    Hey guys, I decided to resurrect an old fm14 save I have: I'm in my 4th season with Ballymoney Utd, a C2 Northern Irish club that I promoted to the Premiere League and am now challenging for the European qualification spots with. For some weird reason, I have a very good youth intake: I have...
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    Help! What just happened to my team?

    Hi all! I'm really dumbfounded about my current season as Blyth. After a roaring start, my team is suddenly playing like it's a whole division lower and I don't understand why. Here's what happened. We're in our 3rd season and were promoted from BSP to npower 2 via play-offs. It was a very...
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    Why is my team suddenly so good?

    Hi guys, So I'm managing Blyth, in 3rd season now freshly promoted to league 2. I don't have a great team for this level and was expecting to battle it out of the relegation zone. Maybe that will still be the case, but we've played 3 games, scored 9 goals, conceded only one. One of these games...
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    Players don't want to resign with me?

    Hi all! I've been shadowing this board for a while, decided to finally ask a question. I'm playing as Blyth in BSN and am about to finish my first season, in which I managed to snag fourth place and have a small chance of getting promoted through the play-offs. Here's the problem. I've signed...