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    Best strikers in a possession (control) Formation

    Playing as United in the first season with Pr0's transfer updates and i'm playing a possession based game with a 433 formation. Know matter who plays up front they are useless. Ibra can't do ****, Martial is just a flop and rooney the less said the better. It's got to the point where rashford is...
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    Ibra and why can't he score?

    Right, so I have seen saves where ibra goes on a mad one and is scoring like a goal a game. I often see for the AI he scores a goal a game. However for me, he plays like ****. Averages 6.6 a game and occasional just occasionally fires in a worldie. His stats would suggest he should be scoring...
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    Simeone's Atletico / Hard working 442 Grind

    Here is the link for the tactic - So here is a defensive minded tactic that is aimed at working hard for the team with as little individual ability needed as possible to succeed...
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    Ball Playing Defender for United

    I'm looking for a top defender for the role of BPD - C in the same sort of mould as Ferdinand. I went for Stones but managed to lose out to City, so any suggestions are welcomed. I would take a player that isn't quite there yet as long as they're only 1 or 2 seasons away from what I'm looking...
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    Affiliate Club

    I've been given the option to pick my own affiliate club. It is for the youth coming through the ranks. I am United if that makes any difference. Suggestions on club and why would be helpful, not too sure on affiliates i've always just left it to the board but wanted to get a bit more involved now.
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    Depay - dropping off?

    I had an amazing first season from Depay where he really stepped up and was hitting the heights of the United #7. But now he is struggling to perform consistently with the occasional hat trick. I play him in the same sort of system and he plays on the left as IF A. SS included. Any help would...
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    United treble winning 98/99 season

    I want to make a tactic that replicates the way united played in that season when they won the treble. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. I have started with a direct style of play, attacking mentality with a 442 formation with a WM S on the right and W A on the left.
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    Improving hidden attributes

    Is the only way to improve a player's hidden attributes through tutoring or are there other ways? I have a youth player coming through who looks like he is going to be a very good player however in the coach reports it says a problem with consistency which could be a major problem. Is there a...
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    Second season syndrome

    Hi guys, any of you had any experience with second season syndrome for players in that in the first season they are literally unstoppable and second season cant replicate anywhere near the sort of form? Depay for me has mashed the league in the first season with 28 goals and 9 assists in 38...
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    Anthony Martial - PA

    Hey guys, I was just looking to get a screenshot of Martial once he has reached potential if possible. I'm in my second season and he is developing if slowly. Still rated 5 stars though so thats a bonus.
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    Replacement for Rooney

    I was looking for a hard working, bigger alternative at AMC to that of Mata so I can have multiple approaches when going into games. I am realistically looking for a player to replace what Rooney gives or used to... any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Impact sub - who do you use?

    Has anyone got that super sub? I'm playing as United and I found that Welbeck is a great super sub, whenever need him bring on from the bench and more often than not he will score, however if I start him doesn't seem to do great. Anyway, who is your super subs?
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    Young player Burn out

    If a player is burnt out, roughly how long does it take them to be able to come back in and their stats to start increasing? I have played Varane for the first half of the season as my main CB alongside Jones however his stats started to decrease recently and he is a lot worse on condition...
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    Refs never seem to have a good game always going one way or the other. Last game I had 8 players booked 2 sent off. Yet the other team had more fouls than me. Is this a bug?
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    Double Pivot midfield

    Hi guys, I was wondering is it possible to be able to make a midfield that has two b2b players where one will sit and the other will go forward alternating from the off? I really want to play two really dynamic players that both can attack and defend but obviously on this setting they both just...
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    I am trying to write my first manager story, I am however unsure how to make my screenshots bigger on the page when posting? Any help with this would be appreciated.
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    Climbing the ladder - A French Tale

    Jeff: Good afternoon and welcome to sky sports news where we bring you the latest sporting news. We are going to the Etihad now where a story has been breaking all afternoon. Over to you Nick. Nick: Thank you Jeff. The emerging story today is that Patrick Vieira has today left his ambassadorial...
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    Need a replacement for RB

    I need a replacement for RB at manchester united, got a ridiculous offer for rafael and need someone to come in and replace him, I have an 18 yo regen who can do a job but was looking for someone to come straight into the first team and be able to hold their own. Any suggestions are...
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    New tactic inspiration

    I wanted some ideas or inspiration for what sort of tactic to make next, I am playing as United about to go into 3rd season pre season. I'm bored of the way my team is playing and wanted to try a new style. Atm I am playing a passing game but it is just boring to watch. I want a new way to...
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    Fm future of youth development

    After playing the game for a few years I feel the youth development is going the wrong way in terms of picking up young players. What I mean by this is I feel it is too easy to pick up a player and make them into unstoppable monsters and therefore develop a endless stream of world class talents...