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    Scouting knowledge and non activated leagues

    Does increasing a club's scout knowledge in a country, that you haven't activated, make grayed out and unavailable players available ? (those that match the scouting description)
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    Team comparison/when to use certain tatics(2 questions in one)

    First of all sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm Arsenal, just bought the game, created 2 tatics, one that is more control orientated 4 5(3 cms, 2 wide men) 1 and one that is more counter 4 1 4 1...When I watch my team play the first generally allows us to controll the game and the...
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    Worst team you have won the title with ?

    Well we always see the best teams. What is your worst team you think you have won the league with ? (When I say team, I don't just mean club name; I also mean group of players)
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    Little things we should know about a title challenge

    From your time playing FM 12, if you have ever won a league title, how large is your squad generally ?How many u21 do you use ?What position do you include most at registration ? Which teams do you believe you have to beat to ensure you win/challenge for the title ? How much do you spend...
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    Learning a new position

    I'm trying to teach Adam Johnson to play as a AMC.... Will playing him as an AMC (When he has not at all yet learned how to lpay there) aid the course ?
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    Need help winning matches

    I am Lyon, no signing, playing 442 (But wingers instead of wide midfielder) I can't find a consistent formula because I don't know what i am doing right or wrong. I use the scout report on the opposition team and I think that what helps me win matches so id like to know what you guys look for...
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    How do I play FM12

    This game is quite different from football manger 11.... For me one of the main ways is the scouting report on your next opponent, and maybe im just **** but I can't seem to get the gist of this game, can someone help me!! I am Arsenal... First season and I have made 2 signings.... Felllani...
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    Is it wise ?

    Is it wise to change your tatic everymatch to beat the team your pkaying against or will that unsettle the team ?
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    An Idea about scouts

    I don't know about Fm 12 because I don't have it yet, but what if you could have different level scouts in terms of how well there known and have different effects, so If I sent Zidane to scout a player maybe he would preform better that match, or over the matches he watches, or maybe the...
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    Is this a bug ?``

    I withdrew a couple of my Arenal players from the England squad in the first season and I noticed after that they weren't being picked, I am now in third season and England manager and I can't pick those players for the team (Patch 11.3) Anything I can do ?
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    It says run time error This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contanct support team for me info ???????? How can fix this, it was working yesterdaY!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Preferred Moves

    I want to start using them but I have a few problems, How do you know when to use them ??? And how come for some players how come when you go private chat you cannot offer any preferred moves ? THANKS
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    Has anyone ever

    Turned their save around..... (I'm not talking about one season btw.) Whenever we see stories they either tend to be bad (And im assuming the person quit after or good) We never see the person having 4 bad season or something. I just wanted to ask has anyone ever started a save that's gone...
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    Does anyone know what player roles suits him best (Freshly acquired, first season) In a 4-5-1! (Him as one obviously lol)
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    I've finally worked out how to win.. YOU CAN TO

    Well like I said I think I found how to win, it's about your players and tactic, I personally don't chose the tactic I chose from the recommended staff options, from their it's about the ROLES you give your players.. Unless you have a small squad then don't be surprised if you have to change the...
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    So I have some created players I made, and I checked on genie scout to see how much there sell value is and it says -1; can someone tell me what it means and how much it is ?
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    World Class

    How many more cups do you think it will take to become world class ? So far, I have won the CL 2 >> Two times in a row The league once CS once and CWC At Man U 3 third season
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    Pastore VS Henrique

    The title says it all. I'm in my second season with United one the league and CL I've only got Carrick, Fletcher and Anderson to fill my 2 cm positions (Looking to offload hargreaves) So who do you think I should take (No bids have been made yet) Is there anyone more suited for the job ?
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    How to replace Tevez

    I am at Man City, and I know you'll think pick any striker but, it's more complicated than that, what type of striker is Tevez ? (I am asking you lol) What should I be looking for ? Who should I be looking for ?
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    Do they do them on fm 11 ?