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    Technical issues with scrolling

    Hello, I'm experiencing difficulties to scroll on FM Base until its fully loaded ( and it takes a lot more than the other websites, examples in spoiler). It constantly moves me to the top of the page forcing FM20 Essentials, Latest video and members online to always be on top and not allowing...
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    Players not getting along

    Anyone else noticed this? Since I've seen that i've been checking it regularly and it seems players dont get along way too often. Even if I sell one player most of them "hate" playing with, they just find another one to complain at. Its not just my club, I noticed that at other clubs as well. Is...
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    OCD's in Football Manager

    It's quite simple, whats your ocd when playing Football manager? Mine is that no one in the team has the #32 shirt because I hate Carlos Tevez with passion.
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    Hi! I'm **** at this game!

    Title says it all. What do I need to do to win? But there's a catch. I don't want to use some exploits like overlapping fullbacks who are never tracked back by wingers. Lets see, I would like to play short passing game, with slower tempo to allow my midfielder/s to join attack. Also, I would...
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    A little discussion regrading some things that seems odd in FM16

    Hello. First of all, this is not a rage post. I'm wondering if everyone else is having some strange pattern issues in their games as I am, regardless of instructions. Ok, here we go. 1) Control tempo. Winger gets ball into wide area, beats fullback, waits for fullback to recover, draws another...
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    FM16 No work permits!

    Ok, here's db for no work permits. Simply made possible by changing all countries (bar 1 or 2) to EU. How to 'install'? Place the file here : C:\Users\*Name*\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\editor data by default. Since there's no download section for FM16, here's...
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    I've lost passion for FM

    It all started in 2009, when I tried FIFA Manager Demo. It was decent experience but that game was very flawed. I played it for a month or two (in game time) and then just deleted it. After few months, FIFA Manager 10 came out and my friend told me about it. I was going to check it out and I...
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    Guys and girls, spammers and spambots, Ajt and other seniors, I wish you all happy holidays, whatever you celebrate or don't celebrate. You are all beautiful and the most beautiful thing about all of us are our differences. Cherish them, because without them, world would be boring place. Anyway...
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    Football Manager 15 IS LIVE!!!

    Just run the game and the update will be downloaded automatically. Update is ~65mb, aprox 30-40 seconds of downloading.
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    The Who should I buy thread

    Format is simple: Club: Year: Money willing to spend: Age: Position: ... Club: Man United Year: First season: Money willing to spend: 30m Age: 18-27 Position: Defensive midfielder ( ball wining mid)
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    FM15 Team wage/transfer kitty budgets

    Here you can ask how much money does someone have. I.e, United has 75m euros with 500k wage budget. MCFC - Get 10mil to spend. Liverpool - Between £15m and £21m, depending on season expectations. Arsenal get £47m-£61m depending on expectations Southampton - get 14m and 925k by default...
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    Problem with the forum

    Since yesterday I had this problem. Any help? Sometimes I can open the forum, but most of the times I can't.
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    No hockey thread?

    Well, i think it should be one. Ice hockey is fun sport to watch and it's not as 'boring' as other 'American' sports for us European. Is anyone watching WOG in Sochi? Finland won over pretty much Russian dream-team. 3-1 was the final result. In semi-final game there is possibility that Canada...
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    Struggling to understaind how FM14 works

    Hi. I have some issues with FM14. I don't get it. I don't understand tactics any more apparently. I'm playing 4-3-3 or 4-1-2-2-1 with inside forwards. Ah, I'll post screenshot: So here's my problem (s): - Possession. Can't get over 45% ball possession no matter who I play. On rare occasions I...
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    Balkan Transfer Update FM2014 by Ling'

    Hi. We are doing update mostly based on Balkan countries ( Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia), but I'm willing to make more changes this year with other nations as well. So if you have any suggestion about changing some of the following: - CA and PA...
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    Cauley Woodrow - Brittish wonderkid

    Name: Cauley Woodrow D.O.B: 2.12.1994 Nation: England Club: Fulham u18 SS: Future SS: He's official wonderkid in my save ^_^
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    3D presentation fail.

    Well, from my experience, this year SI released the worst 3D match presentation since FM09. I would go this far and say that this 3D is even more inaccurate than the one in FM09. I remember when there wasn't any patch ( 13.0.0 DB) the amount of **** I got was incredible. But not just me. Most of...
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    Marco Capuano - Pescara

    Name: Marco Capuano Club: Pescara Nation: Italian D.O.B: 14.10.1991 SS:
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    Tony Trindade de Vilhena - Feyenoord

    Name: Tony de Vilhena Club: Feyenoord Nation: Dutch D.O.B: 3.1.1995 SS: I got him for 5 mill, but you could probably get him lot cheaper.
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    Enzo Andia - Universidad Catolica

    Name: Enzo Andia Club: Universidad Catolica Nation: Argentinian D.O.B: 16.08.1992 SS: