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  1. J

    Any mobile/tablet players?

    Recently got the game on my Samsung tablet but not really been able to find a decent forum for mobile players - are there many on FMBase? I haven’t used this site for years!
  2. J

    Free agents after first season

    Anybody got a list of players whos contracts are supposed to expire in 2015? Need some help finding one.
  3. J

    Stoke second season.

    Finished 8th and have around 7M left to spend. Any ideas on who I can buy? I play a 4 4 2 and could do with a good RM/LM aswell as a poacher OR target man.
  4. J

    Playing the long ball.

    I am managing Stoke, and would like to some-what emulate what they do in real life, which is hoofing it up to Crouch and allowing him to flick it on, etc. What settings do you think I need to set to ensure that this happens?
  5. J

    Leeds, first season.

    Any reccomendations? I'll be playing a narrow 4 1 2 1 2, so let me know if you have any players who have shone for you in the Championship - thanks.
  6. J

    Adding logos.

    I've read a guide, I made my own graphics folder with kits/logos/badges and extracted my logos to the logos folder, but they still don't show up in game. I have also done to "press confirm to reload skins" and still, nothing. What do I do?
  7. J

    How can I stop leaking goals?

    I'm Chelsea, in the first season. I concede atleast 1/2 goals per game and it is getting ridiculous. It feels like every time I score, the other team score almost instantly.
  8. J

    Lack of motivation.

    Basically, I've felt like this for the past two series of FM. I just can't get into a game, and end up closing it down after about an hour. What can I do to regain my motivation to play?
  9. J

    What's up everybody.

    Not logged on here for around 2 years, how are you all?
  10. J

    quick help!

    can somebody direct me to a thread on how I can make a net game. cheers. Also, please be quick!
  11. J

    I find it hard on the ipod to win

    Well ive seen all kinds of win streaks on here but I just can't make the right tactics, I was sacked in the third season by liverpool after 3 successive seasons where I finished 5th, Any help?
  12. J

    keeps freezing..

    got a new computer and i got fm on it, but i opened it and started a game with liverpool.. i had just selected my squad for my first game vs the reserves and it took quite a while, and then just froze and closed down.. now it won't open for me either. ---------- Post added at 05:08 AM...
  13. J

    Liverpool v Sparta Praha. K:O 8:05.

    Seeing as though there was no thread, I thought i'd make one :) Kick off is at 8:05 on Channel Five. Raul Meireles has been passed fit to start Liverpool's Europa League last 32, first-leg encounter with Sparta Prague tonight - listen live online from 8pm. The Portuguese midfielder was...
  14. J

    Any other programs to make graphics?

    Well I downloaded Photoshop CS4 and CS5 last night, and I have already used the trials, I had the trials about 5months ago but didn't have a clue what to do. Is there any other programs I can use?
  15. J

    Derby - Poacher (quickly!)

    I have 13.5m to spend, start of the third season. I've agreed to sign Mame Biram Diouf, but I need another poacher.. ideas? (not kadlec)
  16. J

    UEFA Europa League first round draw.

    The first round draw begun a few minutes ago. THE DRAW (LAST 32) Napoli vs Villareal Rangers vs Sporting Sparta Prague vs Liverpool Anderlecht vs Ajax Lech Poznan vs Braga Besiktas vs Dinamo Kyiv Basel vs Spartak Moscow Young Boys vs Zenit Aris vs Manchester City PAOK vs CSKA Moscow Sevilla vs...
  17. J


    I know this is to do with FM 10 but it is also to do with 11. I have imported an FM 11 tactic for FM 10 and look what happened LOL! I then also got my assistant to select my players lol!
  18. J

    Udinese - LM/RM

    I'm playing a 3-5-2 with Sanchez on the AML and Di Natale as STC. this is the reason I need LM/RM despite these two being suitable for the roles. I have just started the game, and I have 7M. I have already tried Coentrao but he demands too much, I can only offer 20k wages. ---------- Post added...
  19. J

    What teams have you managed so far on FM 11?

    On the demo which teams have you managed? I've only managed Liverpool.
  20. J

    Liverpool - any

    I gave myself a 35m budget on the FMRTE because I wanted to see what some of the players are like. If you could reccomend some players I will have a look and maybe purchase them, thanks.