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    Should I be expecting qualification?

    Hi all, I just finished 4th in Serie A with AC Milan and Roma finished above me in 3rd, so they took the final Champions League spot and I qualified for UEFA Cup. However Roma also won the UEFA Cup during this season - so shouldn't this qualify them for the Group Stages and I will take their...
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    A system on how to play this game less?

    I've been playing this game too much. So much to the point that I've uninstalled it right now so I can focus on other things and get stuff done. The problem is I can't play for 30-60 minutes and then shift gears. Anytime I've thought "i'll play one game" or "I'll finish this transfer window"...
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    Total garbage?

    It's so bad I had to check to make sure the actual game installed over the Beta.. it had.. it still sucks. The game was better 5 years ago.
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    This constant nervousness is getting annoying..

    I finally have to break my silence and rant on this. I am in my 4th season with A.C. Milan and won the league last year. I have pretty much wrapped up the league this year as well but with seemingly no pattern droves of my players get nervous, very nervous, or anxious no matter what the...
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    The Target Man Thread - what works, what doesn't

    I've always had an interest in the "mystery" that is the Target Man option. Seemingly simple but hard to grasp effectively.. from reading these forums I see that there are people who completely ignore it and get their best results by doing so, and I see others who employ it and get consistently...
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    Player notes - useless (please improve!)

    I did a quick search of post titles with the word 'notes' and only two came up, and only one was along the lines of 'does anyone ever use these?' I'd like to finally post about Player Notes because for so long I expected this feature to change in the game, or at least more people would be...
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    No consistency! -- Farnborough game

    I am currently playing a game with Farnborough, hoping to gain promotion but failing with mid-table finishes the last 2 seasons. My problem is that my team has no consistency, and although they have the quality to finish in the top 5, they bounce back and forth between winning streaks and...
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    How to start strong?

    I've been playing FM 2009 since it came out and still do, but am hoping to learn more of the intricacies of FM 2011. Despite my experience in FM 2009 and application of concepts towards FM 2011, I still have never had a great, or even good, start to my initial team when starting a game. I've...
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    created player - change skin color?

    I have a custom created team with custom players based on myself and a group of friends of mine. In game one of my friends shows up as a black guy even though in real life he isn't. Is there a way to change this? I don't remember seeing anything about that in the editor.
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    Shortcut key preferences not being saved

    Hello, I am running a custom database that I made myself and the Turnstyle skin. I also have the latest patch. Please let me know if you need anymore info... The issue is that my custom keyboard shortcuts save properly when I ADD a new key, but if I remove an old key, it comes back the next...