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    Regen Dates

    Does anyone know what the regen dates are in Europe?
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    AFC Wimbledon Signings

    Need wingers for my team. I have a budget of 70k and a wage of 5k left over.
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    Is their a way to make players more determined in game?
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    Bristol City - 1st Season

    I need a good CM to replace Morgan Pack. I have a transfer budget of 3 mil and a wage budget of 15,000 but could go higher.
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    QPR: The Five Year Plan

    In thread I am going to post my journey as manager of QPR.
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    The Hexagon Challenge

    This challenge is simple win all six champions league. Yes I said six you are probably thinking there are only five in Football Manager but I have already downloaded the Oceania leagues. In the challenge I will start in Oceania and finish in Europe.
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    QPR FMH15: The five year plan

    In this so save I am going to play as QPR in the BPL. Seasons: 1. Survive the season and build a squad for the next season. 2. Get mid table and get to a final of the cup. 3. Get into Europe and win a cup. 4. Win the league past the group stage of Europe. 5. Get as far as possible in the...
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    Real Oviedo: Returning to the Top

    I am going to start a new story with newly promoted team Real Oviedo. In recent years Oviedo have fallen in the Tercera division due to financial issues and nearly folded. Recently Oviedo started an online campaign to save the club which resulted in the then richest man in the world, Carlos...