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    FMRTE 2010 - Can't find a download

    Hey all I seem to have misplaced my file of FMRTE 2010 for 10.3. Was wondering if anyone knew where I can find it, been playing some old saves and wanted to fiddle around on FMRTE a bit Thanks in advance
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    Player comes out as gay

    I love football manager and a lot of friends always ask me why do you keep playing it, isn't it always the same? My answer is its always a different experience etc. Of course the game does throw up surprises from time to time and I couldn't help but laugh when this popped up in my inbox XD...
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    Changing initial TV money in the pregame editor

    Ok I've googled my heart out trying to answer this, I've done this before years ago but I can't seem to work it out. I add nation rules and I change the initial tv money but when i save the database nothing changes in the game ( I do select the custom game file when starting a new game) Can...
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    Advanced Rules greyed out in Editor

    Im sorry guys I've tried searching everywhere for this but cannot find an answer. When I open the editor for FM 2016 I cannot convert to advanced rules, its greyed out. Can anyone tell me how to unlock this?
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    Returning to Old versions of FM

    Hey fellow FM enthusiasts, I haven't posted in a long time but I felt an interesting topic would be if people go back and play older versions because they miss a certain tactic, or a certain wonderkid prospect cough* Freddy Adu cough* Im currently playing Football manager 2010 the 10.3 patch...
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    Network game JonoMUFC vs faulky10 videos

    Just a network game faulky and I have been playing for a few weeks, so we decided to film and record the stupidity and share it with you guys :P. Please be aware that faulky cheats and that when I lose its because god hates me. Btw I apologise for the annoying background noise, my webcam was...
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    Jorge Salinas

    Name: Jorge Salinas Club: Trencin D.O.B: 06/05/1992 Nationality: Paraguayan Position: AMC Strengths: Finishing, Dribbling, First Touch, Technique, Teamwork, Passing Weaknesses: Stamina, Strength, Composure, Workrate Description: Young Midfielder Personality: Fairly Ambitious Suggested...
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    Manager Alter Ego

    Ok I haven't seen a thread like this, if there is one I apologise and point me in that direction. In Football manager I never use my own name, I do not build my manager profiles to resemble me, I make an Alter ego so to speak. Anyone else do it? use the template to below to explain your...
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    Derlis Alberto González - Paraguayan WonderKid

    Name: Derlis Alberto González Club: Sol De America (On Loan from Rubio Nu) D.O.B: 20/3/1994 Nationality: Paraguayan Position: AMC or FC Strengths: Dribbling, Finishing, First touch, Passing, Long shots, Flair, Work rate Weaknesses: Stamina, strength, teamwork Description: Young Forward...
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    Volkan Demirel Requests Transfer

    Was a little shocked to read this on so I searched to find if anyone else was reporting it (know how the mods hate articles being posted). I have always had a soft spot for Volkan on FM games so I guess I'm making this thread just for a few speculative guess's as the where he...
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    City reportedly pip United to sigh Sneijder

    Man City swoop for Sneijder: Sport: Soccer: English Premiership Anyone else heard anything close to this? I know its speculation just wondering if anyone seen anything similar?
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    Funny Regen Names

    Recently whilst playing FM, i came across this regen and his name made me laugh
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    Carlos Tevez Whines about the tough life of Professional Football

    So Carlos Tevez is at it again, whinging about football and about retiring early He apparently used this as his reasoning when talking to Tyc sports "Football is only about money, and I don't like it. There are so many agents with really young footballers... it's awful, as these young...
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    Striker prefered feet setup

    I apologise if this has been asked and answered before, however i was wondering what the better setup was for strikers was eg which side of a forward 3 should the right footed striker be on for best results when shooting at goal? im currently playing with 3 strikers Chamakh in the centre being...
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    Unsettled player coming good

    I recently started a game as liverpool, I felt sorry for there current league predictament and decided i could give it a good shot. I bought former lyon striker Fred in my first season to cover for the constantly injured Torres for 11 million. His first season was average at best, scoring a...