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    Editing Champion's League Fees

    Hy everyone, I find something quite unfair between Champion's League and Euro Cup ... When you play the firsts stage of Champion's League qualifyers, you won't earn anything ... But when you play Euro Cup firsts stages qualifyers, you will earn something ... So, my club win the national league...
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    Problem with no qualifying for Club World Cup

    Hi everyone, Sorry for my english, this isn't my native language. I'm working with Sunderland in English First Division, and winning Champion's League in 2024 and 2025. In the rules of this competition, it says that both finalists are qualified for Club World Cup. I've recieved a message saying...
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    Answered Calendar Bug in Premier League

    Hi everyone, First, sorry for my English, this isn't my native language :) There's a bug in my 4rd season in English Football with Sunderland. I'm in Premier League now and the calendar did a very big bug ! The Champion's League matches and Premier League matches stopped the 5th november ...