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    Brighton and Hove Albion

    I will return to the SAF Challenge at a later date but right now I want to focus on doing a save with the team I support, you all see how my last save went with Brighton so I am hoping for something similar this time round Squad Overview I have a great squad here for me to manage this...
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    SAF Challenge

    As my laptop packed up last week, I had to get it fixed so I lost both my Brighton and Bournemouth games so I needed a new challenge. Quite a few people have mentioned the SAF Challenge so that is what I will be doing. My next post will be the update on who I will be taking over
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    AFC Bournemouth - first ever premiership journey, will it be their last?

    I decided to start a game with AFC Bournemouth, Newly promoted to the Premiership they have been involved in one the greatest rises through the leagues and play exciting football which I will be looking to continue that style. The Squad I have a great pool of talent to work with despite some...
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    Brighton and Hove Albion

    Oh it's that time of year again! and for people that followed me on the Football Manager 2015 section will not be surprised that my first game is with the club I support, the area I was born in and could never see myself supporting anyone else.....Here is my adventure with Brighton and Hove Albion.
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    Young Lions

    After the recent shambles of this summers Under 21's European Championships, I wanted to see how I could do with building for England's future. It will be interesting to see which players are available to me after Roy has picked his squad.
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    FC Barcelona - World Domination

    I wanted to do a fun game to take me over to when Football Manager 2016 comes out but I will also be setting myself some goals of bringing through the youth of Barcelona on a regular basis as the future can make an instant impact in my opinion. I will also be looking for goals throughout the...
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    Samuel Peters - Dream Job, can he be a success

    A little more about the manager Samuel Peters is a 21 year old lad from Brighton, England but is currently living in Peacehaven which is in the South East of England and has landed his dream job getting the Brighton and Hove Albion job Only having previous experience in Sunday League football...
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    QPR - looking to stabilise the club and make them a Premiership force

    I had problems with my laptop which caused me to have to go back to factory settings so I lost everything so after thinking about it and with them just getting relegated, I thought I would give Queens Park Rangers a chance and see if I can keep them up.
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    Back in the big time - A Leicester City Story

    I have been trying to think of a Premiership game to do and thought I would give Leicester City a try, They were great in the Championship last season and I will be hoping to keep them up this season!
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    Play Offs the last two seasons, can they go one better? - Brighton and Hove Albion

    Here is my overall look on the squad We will need to do some business during the summer as I feel the squad could do with some improving for us to challenge for promotion this season Goalkeepers: I will keep to the 3 I already have this season and will then maybe look to move Ankergren on...
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    Can a young lad finally bring the World Cup home?

    England have released a joint statement with Roy Hodgson regarding his future Roy Hodgson: I have spoken to the FA after the 2014 World Cup and we have both agreed that it is time for me to move on, I would like to think the FA for this wonderful opportunity and I wish England the very best in...
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    Samuel Peters Presents: 6 team challenge!

    I decided this would be the perfect way to keep me occupied for the time being plus I will be keeping up with my Brighton and Hove Albion save and I will be treating each team here the same and see how I can do with each team
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    Liverpool -- So Close Last Year, Can they finally do it?

    I had a long thought about starting a new game that I want to stick to and I think Liverpool can be the one, They have some great players there and I think Top 4 this season but hopefully we can challenge for the title! Key Players Steven Gerrard - The captain is entering his last year of his...
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    Tottenham Hotspur

    BREAKING NEWS! Mauricio Pochettino In a strange turn of events, Mauricio Pochettino has decided to leave Tottenham Hotspur citing personal reasons for his departure Daniel Levy has commented on Pochettino's departure "I am disappointed that he has gone but thought personal reasons it is...
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    Brighton and Hove Albion - Take Two!

    Ok so as everyone knows my last save did not end well, i have decided to keep the game running on that thread to see where the next job takes me but i have decided to try again also with Brighton and see if i can get them up again!
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    Burnley - Can we stay up?

    I have decided to give Burnley a try and see what i can do with them, not the best of squads and not much to do money wise but will be interesting to see if i can keep them up and build on the club for a few years, i have already requested to improve the training and youth work and the board...
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    I have messed up....

    I have never been that good when it comes to graphic stuff on FM but i tried to restore the original badges on this and now this is happening and i dont know how to restore them :/ can anyone help? lol
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    Can we finally make it to the Premiership? - Brighton and Hove Albion

    So here we go! as a Brighton and Hove Albion fan all my life i have always started my first game with them and after the last couple years of being in the Play Offs, i want to be able to get us to finally be in the Premiership which is one thing we have not done since it became the Premiership...
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    New to FM Base!

    Hello everyone! Brighton and Hove Albion fan here I have been a massive Football Manager gamer for years and years and have been on other football manager forum sites in the past but i am now here and i will be posting up my current game in the manager stories section so give it a view when...