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    Barcelona land Adriano for £7.6m

    Maxwell benched? Looks like a very good buy considering they were able to coop him for just over £7.5million but it will be worrying for Maxwell because of the youth and talent in Adriano that may have attracted Pep Guardiola's interest. Your thoughts...
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    Fabio Capello Index

    The Capello Index, a fantasy league game, was a side project set up by two businessmen and the England manager that was set to launch during the World Cup and involved a mark being assigned to each player in the tournament. However, the Football Association were unhappy with this venture...
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    Mashed's Tactic Testing Thread

    Hello all, Seeing as how I will have a lot of spare time with the Summer holidays coming up and the first half of my GCSE's down added on with the fact that I am not looking to go on holiday anywhere this year,I have decided to open up a Tactic Testing Thread,whereby you can post tactics you...
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    Capello to axe backroom staff Don't think that this is the best idea for Capello at the moment,especially in sacking Stuart Pearce. Your thoughts?
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    Resizing a Picture on FM-Base

    Anybody no how to resize a picture/header when uploading here on FM-Base? I can't seem to do it. ---------- Post added at 10:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:23 PM ---------- Can anybody help me please? I've searched but they're only for FM.
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    Mashed's 2010 FIFA World Cup Tactics Pack

    Hello boys and girls once again,as I,mashedpotatoes,bring you another piece of Football Manager to the FM-Base community and hope to shine a light on people who may want a twist in their games or are wanting to experience something new as we draw near to the release of the soon-to-be-released...
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    Luis Fabiano: "Come and get me United",19528,11661_6232361,00.html Do you think he'll go to Old Trafford? Your thoughts?
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    Jan Vertonghen

    Is he a good buy? Was looking at him after my scout came back with a few suggestions on a fullback to buy and he was one of them,however he didn't fully recommend him. Apparently,to sway him from Holland,a bid of £8million should be accepted by Ajax if I was ever to table one.He looks...
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    Brazilian "Box-To-Box Midfield" Tactic

    Hello all, It has been quite a tumultuous time these past couple of days,seeing as how I have been behind closed doors (not literally) experimenting and testing my new tactic,with more or less emphasis on bringing the 'Brazilian magic' to the field in Football Manager 2010,whilst it's in it's...
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    Anelka backed as French camp falls into turmoil

    The French squad were once more plunged into disarray today after a series of incidents left their participation in the tournament in doubt, including a training ground bust-up which called a premature halt to this morning’s session. L’Equipe comments that coach Raymond Domenech was involved in...
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    Kevin Mirallas

    Searched for any threads about him but found none. Has anybody tried him? I just played a quick game with the Belgium national team and beat Poland 2-0,with Mirallas getting an 8.6 final rating when I played him as a right winger. He currently is on loan from A.S. Saint-Etienne to Greek outfit...
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    A Beginner's Guide to Stealth on Modern Warfare 2

    Hey all, Just thought I would share a quick guide to being a good stealth player on the critically-acclaimed (yes) Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.Having played it for quite a while now,I have started to combine a few perks with some of my guns,just to pick up some things that may contribute...
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    Vuvuzelas to be banned?

    Danny Jordaan, South Africa's World Cup organising chief, has said that vuvuzelas may be banned from inside stadiums after a number of complaints from broadcasters and supporters. Your thoughts...
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    Inter to not pay Real Madrid for Sneijder's Champions League win

    Inter will not be paying €3 million to Real Madrid in a so called ‘Eurotax’ after their Champions League triumph on Saturday night.
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    Il Juventus - L'Alba del Club di Torino

    Ranieri Sacked La Gazzetta dello Sport can confirm that former Chelsea coach Claudio Ranieri has been sacked by the Juventus board despite a good season this year,finishing second place and level on points with A.C. Milan,despite the 10-point margin from Mourinho's Inter Milan.The Agnelli...
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    Keegan dismisses England hopes with Rooney doubts

    Source: Kevin Keegan has said that England have got no chance of lifting the World Cup in South Africa this summer should Manchester United striker Wayne...
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    Netherlands announce provisional squad

    Goalkeepers: Maarten Stekelenburg Michel Vom Sander Boshker Defenders: David Mendes da Silva Gregory van der Wiel Khalid Boulahrouz John Heitinga Ron Vlaar Joris Mathijsen Giovanni van Bronckhorst Edson Braafhied Vurnon Anita Andre Ooijer Midfielders: Demy de Zeeuw Orlando Engelaar Rafael...
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    Liverpool and Everton have 'Siamese Stadiums' ?

    This is the story apparently on Eurosport: I was astounded when I saw this,but your thoughts?
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    A Guide to Paris Saint-Germain,by mashedPotatoes

    Hello all, As a fan of French football,I would like to bring to you this small,useful guide to a club in Ligue 1 that have the ability to become world-beaters.Despite being a 'Big Four' club in France,PSG are a club with potential and exciting new stars coming through the ranks that have the...
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    How To Skip Intros

    A quick guide on how to skip the introductions you normally get when loading up your FM2010: Step 1: Go to My Computer,then 'HP (C : ' Step 2: Follow this trail until you get to this (below) I've already deleted it,so you need to find and delete a folder called 'Movies'. Once...