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    FMC Database ??

    Had a look n dont seem to be able to find an upto date FMC database. Is there one available, even a 9 tier english would be great. Cheers
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    WTF is this !!! No attributes for my own players ?

    I hope i have done something wrong but after a while i decided to try FMC. I took over a club and went to check my players. Only to find i had to click on each attribute to get its name and now i find i cant see the values of some attributes. Namely a right back who has ... as his tackling...
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    The Big Decision...after great success.

    The Story so Far I have had so much success in such a short time in Monaco thanks largely to the great amount of cash made available by my great friend and Chairman. But mostly down to the performances of one man. A regen that was already here...and my god was i thankful. Before that at...
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    Grixys New Shutdown tactic....first edition.

    So here it is...a proper solid counter tactic. Key elements YOU NEVER SEEM TO KEEP THE BALL THEY NEVER SEEM TO GET MANY CHANCES YOU TACKLE TIL YOU DIE Right enough of the BS and on with the proper stuff. Im West Ham as you will see from screenies i supply. I am a newly promoted side being...
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    Grixs Counter

    GRIXS COUNTER 4-4-2 OR-4-2-4 This tactic has brought me great success with my beloved SAFC. It is a counter tactic so should be good for smaller teams but defence is important. GK- 1on1s important as is handling and distribution is set to short. FB - Crossing Stamina Passing Work Rate RCB-...
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    Epl network game no big 5 allowed

    Hi, Looking for people to join a game ill host on an evening. Have a proper challenge and manage without the big 5. [email protected] 7pm-12am sometimes later game time, online most of day 3 or more EPL Sunderland Hamachi 10.3 TEAMS TAKEN ALREADY Sunderland Burnley Blackburn Maybe Tottenham
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    Epl network game startin tonight

    Hi, Looking for people to join a game ill host [email protected] 7pm-12am sometimes later game time, online most of day 3 or more EPL Sunderland Hamachi 10.3 I havent done this before but i have played online briefly. Can commit to most nights but we can discuss once interest is shown...
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    The rise of the Mackems

    After a brief spell as boss of Sunderland Steve Bruce stepped down after a fall out with Sunderland Chairman Ellis Short. Ellis moved quickly to snap up Stuart Grix as the new boss and Grix put his stamp on the club straight away. Season one - 6th Season two - 7th Season Three - 5th by one...
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    Does going on holiday count as testing a tactic

    Hi I was just wondering as most tactics take 5-10 games to gel with your team if when testing a tactic if i checked the use current macth tactics i.e the test. this would constitute to the same aim in the long run ?
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    Carlsberg dont do Strikers

    Hi, One word.... JO !!! Check out the record and comment on the player. How many will he score this season ??
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    Sunderland Skin

    Hi, Can anyone make or find a Sunderland skin please. Never seen one yet and just wondered if there was one out or if one of the masters can develop one Any feedback welcome
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    Xenon skin needed please

    Hi, I just noticed the xenon 2010 skin available on and was just wondering if anyone managed to download it as im havin no luck. If so can you post it as its a top skin ---------- Post added at 12:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:36 AM ---------- Can anyone help
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    HELP, i have no sound !!

    Hi, Sorry to be a pain but i downloaded the sound add on pack and had problems. I know how to add it to the game but i kept getting an error when i was playing and it got annoying. Thing is i have tried to get the old sounds back and i have lost all sound...grrrr. Is there any chance someone...
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    Attribute colour change in FM10

    Hi, I am looking for an attribute colour changer that was available for FM09. I have just downloaded the Sky Sports skin and would like to change the colours of players attributes but the FM09 program doesnt work as the XML files must be different or something. Can anyone help ???
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    My Sunderland FM10 story

    Hi, Just thought id say how happy i am with the new game. At first its a bit weird but once you get the menu system its spot on. I particularly like the way your staff ineract moe with you and the way injuries are not as bad as 09. However i have noticed that goals are scored from long range a...
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    HELP where do i put match officials photos ?

    I just downloaded them and i put them in graphics folder but no joy. Help please
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    EPL Network ASAP

    hi, i would like to join or create an EPL network game. If any one can help i can play most nights bar a weekend and i would be Sunderland. Please let me know Asap as i would like to start tonight
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    Help i would like numbered sliders !!

    Can anyone help me please im looking to devise a tactic and it would be a lot easier if i had numbered sliders. I dont wanna change skin but if anyone could help and let me know how to install this it would be great Thanks
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    Diamente Tactics

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone still has this tactic as i used to use it on my first ever game on 09. I found it was immense but it seems to have fell off the radar. Cheers
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    Sunderland Success Stories

    As you can guess im a mackem and just thought id do my first post on my first love. Id like to hear what people have managed with the great team, lol , i know we aint the best so no snidey remarks lol. Tactics, players and more importantly league positions. Im in my 4th season and i have been...