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    Wales - The World Cup and Beyond?

    Since i have lost motivation for my Havant & Waterloo game i have decided to take a break from it and start my final fm09 game before i get fm10 for christmas. i saw that nobody had posted their successes with wales before and since i am from there i thought it would be a nice challenge. i...
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    Good Lower League Signings

    I thought i would make this thread so that everyone could share great players at preferably low prices for lower league sides. In this thread i mean league 2 and below, right down to level 10 when i say lower league. So as soon as you've found the gem, post him here with the following criteria...
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    Will FM Base Update their Downloads for FM10?

    hi all, i was wondering if the poeple who have contributed downloads to this site such as fmrte, genie scout, ad boards, skins and tactics ect. will be looking to make these files compatible with fm 10. i.e. will jp woody be making cloughy tactics that are successful on fm 10? personally i...
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    Havent & Waterlooville- A Claim to FA Cup fame

    Everyone should remeber last year's FA Cup underdogs Havant & Waterlooville beating Swansea and scoring 2 goals at Anfield. It's getting to that time of year where everybodyy is just beginning their last Fm game before FM 10 is released. Mine is with Havant & Waterlooville, not with the aim of...
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    How do i go about making my own team?

    i know you have to use the data editor but could you please tell me what to do or post links relating to kits, logos/badges ect. since im gonna make my own team. i've never done this before so help would be appreciated. thanks in advance, david0404 p.s. should i create my own players or...
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    PES 2009 option files?

    hi, sorry if there's already a thread on this but does anyone know where to find option files or updates for PES 2009 on the ps3? i'm talking about updates such as LGFIRE and chris22's updates for fm 2009? if so place links and whats included. thanks in advance. david0404
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    Colombian Darlington Game

    With the appointment of Colombian legend Faustino Asprilla to the position of manager at Darlington, with it came an influx of Colombian youth talent and an extremely experianced backroom team including Rene Higuita and Carlos Valderamma. Can you lead this Darlington side to domestic success...
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    Players who are known to be good in the Premiership

    All, i have just started a new game with sunderland on chris22's new patch for the game. i have £20m to spend as a result of the recent takeover. in pre-season i only beat Notts. Co 4-3 and i need some star quality players to help give the squad some more depth. I would like players in any...
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    The Sutton Utd Challenge

    After recently reading a thread where you could swap your local team for any other team in any other division, i decided to try this with my local team, sutton united, placing them in the blue square south. With 10k transfer budget and a 90kp/w wage budget i new i had a tough challenge to keep...