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    Your training ratings?

    Not sure how many people care about their training stars. I spend a long time searching for coaches with at least a 4.5* rating in one category. First team squad. U-18's So, how 'bout your training? :)
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    Carling Cup cancelled?

    In the season 2014/15, come December, I noticed that there were no Carling Cup game, and when I went on the Carling Cup page, I see this. I added the Premier League 2 seasons ago, and since then, there's been no Carling Cup. :S
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    No option to join a club at end of season?

    I'm managing Porto into my third season, and Chelsea have sacked D.Moyes and have approached me. My contract runs out at the end of the season, and that's when I want to leave, but there's no option to choose this. I know in FM 2010 you had this option. (Not sure about 2011 :S) Is this option...
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    Amato Ciciretti - Roma

    Name: Amato Ciciretti Club: Roma D.O.B: 31.12.1993 Nationality: Italian Position: Midfielder (Centre) Strengths Pace Passing Creativity Technique Teamwork Weaknesses Dribbling Finishing Flair Strength Description: Central Midfielder Personality: Balanced Suggested Roles: Deep Lying...
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    Coaches get worse

    in my man city save, i had three coaches, all 4 and a half stars in there categories, but, at the start of the new season, they've dropped to 4 stars, and, one has dropped to 3 and a half. they're not old either. help pl0x. =[
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    Panorama 6/12/10

    it's about being addicted to video games (lol) anyone watching?
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    Regen face help

    All the regen faces have dissapeared, when I go to prefrences - display and sound the option for real players and generated faces is greyed out and unusable. Any help?
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    Being found out

    If I use a tactic, (tactic A) for season 1 and have success so for season 2 I make minor changes and they work, (tactic B) for season 3 can I go back to tactic A, or do I have to constantly make minor changes?