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    How Do I Create A Third Place Playoff

    I Created An Under-22 World Cup But I Tried To Add An Third Place Playoff In Advanced Rules But Not Sure How TO Add It Successfully Any Ideas?
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    Disappearing Players

    Ok I Started A New Game When I Noticed My Created Players Didn't Appear Even Though I Loaded All The Leagues And All Players And Editor Files
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    Championship Playoff Help

    So I Basically Created A New Level 10 Tier With All English Teams Who Arn't In A League Put Them In 14 Groups Where The Top 3 Teams Would Go Up To The County Leagues And Tried To Add A Championship Play-Off For All The Promoted Teams To Crown An Overall Champion But I Keep Getting The Error...
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    National Flags And Logos Not Showing

    I Recently Started Noticing On My Game That The National Flags And Logos Except Bonaire And Gibraltar Don't Show Up On The National Team Screen I Was Wondering If Anyone Knows Why?
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    Custom World Cup Help

    I Recently Tried To Create A New 48 Team Which Featured All The Nations In The Regional Qualifiers e.g Gibraltar In The Euro Section But When It Came To The North American Asia And African Qualifiers It Seems Almost Impossible To Balance Out The Groups Without An "Teams Are Not Dividable By...
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    Disappearing Players

    Yesterday I Created A New Spanish Team With An B And C Team As Affiliates But For Some Unknown Reason Players Who Signed For The C Team Don't Join And End Up As Free Agents Just Wondering Why Is This Happening And Is It A Glitch P.S The B Team Are Semi-Pro And The C Team Are Amateur
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    MLS Expansion Problems

    OK I Decided To Expand The MLS I Created A Few New Teams But I Can't Get Them Into The Expansion Draft Because I Remember Reading On SI Community That Someone To Make One Work I Also Know That On A Previous Custom US Pyramid Which Had Relegation But When Custom Clubs Win A Playoff Match The...
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    FM Classic 10 Years On

    I Decided That I'm Going Start A FM Classic Game In Sweden 2015 With Only The Swedish Premier Division Loaded But I'm Going To Simulate 10 Years Into The Future When I'll Embark On My Proper Career
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    Easiest League For Invinvibles

    I Decided To Try The Invincibles Challenge I Was Wandering Whats The Easiest League To Do It In Apart From The Following Countries Spain Portugal Holland Italy Germany England And Russia Which Could Be Very Tough To Achieve In
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    Easiest Challenges And Unlcokables

    Ok So I Bought The Son Generated And No Sackings Because It Would Probably Take Forever To Unlock Those Two But What Are The Easiest Challenges And Unlockables Which Wouldn't Take TOo Long And I wouldn't have to buy?
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    All My Regens Faces Have Disappeared!

    For Some Reason On My Game I Just Noticed All My Regen Faces Have Disappeared. Anyone Know Why? It Is Really Annoying Not Being Able To Tell The Regens Apart
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    The Rise Of St Shanes City

    I Have Decided To Create A New Club To Replace Hereford In The Southern Premier Division I'm Currently In My Second Season Now In The Ryman First Division South After Being Relegated After Finishing Last. I Just Got My National C Licence And Currently Going For My National B Licence Heres My Profile
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    Game Wrecking Bug

    Since The New Patch The Games Almost Unplayable. Mainly Because I Start A New Save With The Latest Database. Which Works Fine Untill June 2017 When Suddenly The Game Completely Goes Haywire By Literally Getting Stuck. I Was Wondering If This A Bug Due To Fact I Can't Into A Proper Save Knowing...
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    Custom Cup Only Loads Teams From Europe

    Basically In The First Season Of My Custom Champions League All 512 Teams Are From Europe For Some Strange Reason Instead Of The Rest Of The World. In The Second Season It Works Fine Because All 512 Teams Are From All 224 Nations. I Was Wondering If Anyone Has Any Ideas On Why The First Season...
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    Game Randomly Goes Strange

    I'm Recently Started A New Game With The MLS And The Premiership And It Works Fine Until June 24th 2017 For Some Strange Reason The Game Decides To Completely Go Bizarre By Not Moving To The Next Day It Is Literally Happens On All My Saved Games Since The New Patch Anyone Know What I Should Do?
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    Cup Has No Winners

    I Decided To Create My Own Custom Champions League Competition Which I Gave Custom Past Winners And Arrange The Future Final Venues But The Problem It Usually Gets To The End Of The First Season And For Some Unknown Reason The Winners Don't Appear On The Past Winners Screen And It Does It Every...
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    Can't Arrange Friendlies

    I'm Current Playing As The South Korea u-23 Manager But For Some Reason When I Try To Arrange A Friendly It Says The Whole Year Is Unavailable Which Is Annoying Due To The Fact I Don't Competitive Fixtures Until The Asian Games In 3 Years And I Have Made Sure That The National Team Fix
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    Teams In Parent And Child Competitions Error

    I'm Currently Trying To Edit Some Of My Custom Files So They Work With The New Patch But I Got An Error Message Which I Don't What It Means Does Anybody Know How I Can Get It Work
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    Is This A Bug?

    I Just Noticed A Weird Glitch With The Copa Sudamericana For Some Strange Reason It Doesn't Start And Keeps Saying It Will Start In June 2014 Yet I'm In October 2014 On My Game And Still Hasn't Started Anyone Know Why?
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    League Won't Update

    The US Leagues Won't Update Are Currently Stuck In 2015