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    West Brom- Return To The Top Flight

    "Graham!" "Graham!" I awoke immediately, it was my brother. I managed to open my eyes and reluctantly sat up. "What is it Willie?" I asked with an exhausted groan. "Look, Look" He was very excited. I looked up to see him pointing straight at the television on the wall, the bright light was...
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    Spurs- A Road Back to Glory

    After conducting one of Spurs' best seasons since the great old years, former boss Harry Redknapp has resigned from he helm, and has released this statement: " I felt it was time to move on, As much as i love the football club i felt i had took them as far as i could"...
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    Help on Competion idea

    Hey, well i have had an idea to create a competition held in pre-season for football manager 2010 where the top players from the world will play for teams associated to their equipment/sponsorships. For example Rooney would play for Team T90, C. Ronaldo Nike, Messi Adidas and eto'o puma. At the...
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    Man Utd: What I Did

    This is what i did in my united game, succesful in all friendlies and games so far. :)