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    2034: The future is now. Would you like the red pill or blue pill?

    Hello everybody, It's been a while since I contributed on here, about 3 years or so I think, my love for FM has not waned at all though I've still been plugging away. For those who don't know I am a Liverpool fan and all this Sterling speculation made me want to start a new FM save in the...
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    Hodgson on Torres Future Roy Hodgson has dismissed all speculation. This article has made very very happy.
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    Ronaldo becomes a father Self Explanatory... Baby mother being kept a secret though. Future World Player of the year?
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    Personal Opinions On The Album Review Thread

    As in the title this is for any comments you have about the albums reviewed or about the thread in general would love to hear what you have got to say so speak up! Album Review Thread
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    Album Review Thread

    Before I start my review thread will be based on personal opinion and will feature mostly UK Hip Hop/Grime and US Hip Hop/Rap albums, as these are the my favourite genrea of music. I will be choosing what to listen to but will also take requests in the form of PM (any genre) so as not to clog up...
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    Worst referee to grace the German game?

    What can I say Edit: FSV Frankfurt saw the funnier side to the goal Phantom Goal Competition
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    Carragher's Liverpool Testimonial

    Link Here Carragher has annouced a testimonial during the first international break of the season. Rightly deserved for a very loyal servant and Liverpol soldier
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    For Registered Voters Only

    Please only take part in the poll if you are eligible to vote tomorrow. Who are you going to vote for tomorrow? Another link for people to see which party agrees with your views the best Which party agrees with you?
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    The Damning Evidence: How a great club slumped

    Th image explains all, it will be a big summer for Liverpool.
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    Ronaldo vs C. Ronaldo

    People growing up now are in the C.Ronaldo years and a lot of the youth aspire to be him. But back when I was growing up Ronaldo was the striker everybody wanted to be. And I just wondered whether Ronaldo (Brazillian) will always be the main Ronaldo in your mind and Ronaldo (Poretuguese) will...
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    Mayweather vs Mosley Fight

    Anybody up watching the fight live? And Predictions.... I was backing Mayweather all the way but my gut is saying Sugar Shane Mosley is gonna get a KO victory
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    Who is Nathaniel Bond?

    Before I start I would like to say this was inspired by Memiors of a Slovak by Kris and the aim is really to have a good fictional story where in I can control the personal life of the manager completely but the footballing world is a complete unknown so there is no guarantee of a happy ending...
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    The Comprehensive Arsenal Guide.

    First off I would like to start out by saying this guide was made by Mantralux on thedugout, but it was so in depth and comprehensive I received his blessing to post it here on base and I hope you all appreciate the sheer depth and detail of this guide. Original Thread: Link The Arsenal Guide...
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    Bridge makes himself unavailable for World Cup

    Big blow for the England World Cup campaign due to there only being one friendly and Cole still out Injured (though there is young talent Warnock,Baines etc) but to be fair Bridge is a man for stepping down, but in light of this I believe Terry should step down. Views? Full story
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    Mr.T's Tremendous Career

    I have decided to close all my other stories including ‘Anderson Silva from the UFC to EPL’ and ‘Scunthorpe The Rise of the IRON’ and concentrate on ‘My Story of a Career’ renamed Mr.T’s tremendous career, as it started becoming a bit strenuous continuing all the stories so I am going to put...
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    Mr.T aka Mr.Tactician's Tactics Thread

    Wenger Style Tactics These are the first tactics I have uploaded to base and I am very proud of them. I back them 1000% as long as you follow the guidelines to the letter. Rules Rule No.1 Follow all the rules that are necessary Rule No.2 (optional) I use Bubba Ray Tuna's advice on teamtalks...
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    Anderson Silva - from the UFC to the EPL

    Note: This story was made using Chris22's (Unofficial) FM UPDATE V 10.2.3 Birmingham City Nation: England Year Founded: 1875 Reputation: National Chairman Status: Loves the club Legends: Gil Merrick, Jeff Hall, Joe Bradford, Trevor Francis Icons: Christophe Dugarry, Paul Devlin, Barry Fry...
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    Liverpool Fans get a liverpoolfc e-mail address :D
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    Silly Chairman

    Im managing Spurs and end of the first season they offered me a new £30k contract. I reduced the wage 3 times and all 3 times they offered me the £30k contract again oO) Dont they want to save money?
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    A new genre of story any takers?

    It is similar to joint stories first seen done by Max and Chris (shout out to them), but my idea is where instead of a competition you are an alliance you share one save game and each player takes charge of a month a of football and then the next manager for the next month and back and forth...