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    Venetian Asymmetric 5-2-3

    Can you upload any screenshots of the tactic?
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    Rinus Michels - Total Football - by kun

    You are going to upload the new formation?
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    Tactics from around the world

    Where i can see screenshots?
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    Sebastian New Positive 4-2-3-1 20.4.1 !!!

    Some screenshots of the matches?
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    4231 Consistent Tactic

    First tests. Good control of possession, but weak in defense during some sections of the matches.
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    4231 Consistent Tactic

    Year 2034, this game in three - four seasons signing well you win everything. A test is needed from the start. In my opinion you have a tactic that can be good. I will try it in my game with Andorra in the second Spanish division. It is my third season and I am a very humble team since I have...
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    Answered invisible offers

    I have a problem, since the last patch I don't see the offers I receive for my players. I have checked all the reponsibilities and filters and they are correct. Two transfer windows have passed. In the first window I lost four offers and now I have two.
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    BJT – 433 / Liverpool 101 Points, All Cups / Klopp, Pep, Jose Inspired

    Have you made any changes to the tactic or is it the original?
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    FMKorea West Ham 3th Season ChL winner

    Good tactic in attack and solid defense with Barça
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    Positioning play v5 beta2

    Some screenshots would not hurt
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    BJT – 433 / Liverpool 101 Points, All Cups / Klopp, Pep, Jose Inspired

    First match. F.C. Barcelona 4-2 R. Madrid. 2 Corner goals and 1 from penalty. R. Madrid only shot twice at target. Not bad Do you put someone specific to throw the corners?
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    Tactics from around the world

    Anyone who tries or can upload here to try?
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    Problem with money

    I am in my second season with Monaco and I think the game is laughing at me. When start the game take the decision to activate the option of closing the first period of signings, so the first season I spent 0€ on player, I am now in the second season already started (three league games already...
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    Tactic AC Milan NEED HELP

    I just started my third season with AC Milan and things do not look good in 7 games between league, Champions League, European Super Cup and Super Cup Italy i have all kinds of results. Super Cup Italy: Juventus 1-1 Milan (win in P) Serie A: Milan 3-3 Fiorentina European Super Cup: Milan 5-1 SL...