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    Good defence 4-1-1-3-1

    This tactic is defending tactic, but in other hand very good offensive tactic, this is not classic 4-2-3-1, because you have one defensive midfieler and one central midfieler. This is results since i came to Arsenal, as you can see from 9 matches i allowed goals on only 3 matches. Also i am...
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    Best tactic for FMC 15?

    Upload tactic or give a link of tactic
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    Best cm, dm, for French league?

    If you have some suggestions which player i should buy, im in Monaco, i need some good central midfielers, but i want cheap but very good players, maybe i want to much but i know there is some good cheap players
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    Italian league away field tactic?

    I need tactic for Seria A, but only for away field, im quite bad against bigger teams, any help?