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    ideas for league names

    I am currently in process of building a new English league structure like in Spain I currently got the 2nd n 3rd tier created along with premier division but with 22 teams instead of 24 teams. The 4th n 5th tiers have 4 sub divisions n b n c teams of premier n 2 n 3 tiers.any ideas on names of...
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    Pitch Sizes

    Could anyone help here on pitch sizes and what each size does eg. long, short, etc
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    need help with a natiponal cup of england

    im struggling to create a cup competition for the f.a cup i created super league replacing premier league the championship and league 1 as they were league 2 is now a sub league merged with the blue square premier and created league 3 sub divisions replacing north and south. i want clubs from...
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    What does each coaching category cover

    just trying to work out what do each coaching category cover e.g mental, technical, tactical, etc i know wot attacking, defending and fitness cover but the rest i dont know i want to hire good coaches for wen im managing the lower leagues any help would be beneficial :)
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    Player Descriptions for fm 09

    can anybody help me i find player descripions labelling wot each player do e.g promising midfielder wot do each one mean could i have a list to help so i can then plan for the future with youth
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    youth players registry dates

    does anyone know wen youth players come into the game in each country please.