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    Man Utd Backup LB/RB/CB

    So I offloaded Fabio to Inter, so I need a cheap backup LB 5mil max. Looking for a top class RB too, might be getting Srna but he is getting older so I might not move for him. Also looking for a Hamsik type CM, very creative etc, advanced playmaker type. I've got £32 mil transfer budget. :)
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    Senna Film

    Senna Film Arguably the greatest Formula 1 driver of his generation, and undoubtedly the fastest, Brazil's most famous racing son Ayrton Senna is immortalised in Asif Kapadia's intimate documentary. Compiled of archive footage, both from the track where he made his name and family home video...
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    GCSE Options

    It's coming to that time of year when Year 9's have to pick their options. :P I know there' quite a few of us on this site so meh. I've gone for History and Geography. Plus Doing Citizenship tomoz + done Italian. :) So what have you guys picked? Oh and Joel, GodCubed and Dunc dont come saying...
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    Where can I stream films for free?

    Kinda bored so I wanna watch some films on my pc. What is the best free site to do it on without giving me viruses and it being hq?
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    PS3 - United of Base Club - Join Now

    Me (Raphael.) and TheMjt have decided to have a go at making a club on Fifa 11 PS3 This club is for all the reject of FM-Base United. :P You can join whatever the rating of your VP, this is just for fun. There is a minimum requirement of 100 posts to join unless me of TheMjt give you special...
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    Mothers Day

    So today, the 3rd of April 2011, is Mothering Sunday, more commonly known as Mothers Day So what did you get for your Mum? I'll start off I got her a personalized card from, roses and Lidnt D'or chocolate! Or what did you do for her? Or anything about the subject...
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    GCSE Langauge Exams

    More specifically the writing controlled assessments So for those who have not taken them it is basically an exam (sort of) where you have to do a piece of writing in the language. So for people that have taken it. How do you remember your draft of by heart? I need help.... Got mine on Friday...
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    Do you watch footy for enterainment?

    I was having a discussion with someone on a thread and he said the main reason people watched footy is normally to support their club. I disagreed with this and said it was mainly for entertainment. So whats your opinion......?
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    Rising Transfer Prices

    Okay so I want to have a nice friendly discussion on the ever rising transfer prices. I was just watching Sky Sports News and they was going on about how a £100M transfer was inevitable. I know this was kinda being battled out in the Downfall of English football thread, but the OP was...
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    Do you have any relatives that were footballers?

    Just a little fun so yeah.... My Grandad says Peter Marinello is a long distance cousin of mine :D Any others...?
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    Transfer Markrt Guide!!

    Guys this guide was made by TJ over at FMFT, so all credit goes to him. I'm just a messenger. Here is the OP from the thread: The Transfer Market for Dummies DOWNLOAD NOW Hey guys, Over the last two days I have been creating a tips and tricks manual to help users to master the transfer...
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    Jones Injury Blow for Blackburn

    Blackburn defender Phil Jones is expected to be out for "three to four months" after undergoing surgery on torn cartilage in his right knee. The 18-year-old suffered the injury in Saturday's draw with West Ham. Read more here Awful injury, I hope it doesn't stunt his development as a player...
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    Romelu Lukaku Staying Put!!

    Anderlecht striker Romelu Lukaku will disappoint a host of Premier League clubs by committing his short-term future to the Belgian champions. The 17-year-old has been strongly linked with Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United in recent months, as well as Spanish giants Real Madrid. Read...
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    Ask People to Follow You On Twitter Thread

    Guys I know there already is one and I have made a new one for the following 2 reasons The old one has gone dead now. SO no point of asking there any more as your followers will increase by 0!!! That thread went on a tangent as focused on footballers on twitter So don't say pointless thread...
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    Man U - Back Up ST

    Hey I need a back up ST for Rooney. I have realised this just now as Rooney is injured for a month so now I have no out and out ST, and I'm in the 3rd season, Mached & Hernandez growth as a player has stunted and Berba-flop is a.....flop. I am only willing to spend a max of 15M. The player has...
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    How not to live your life - BBC 3

    Just wondering does anything watch this. Thoughts, Opinions. Personally I think it's hilarious
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    F*** my life - Funny Site

    My friend showed me this site where people post bad things that have happened in thier life and you vote if the person deserved it or if there life sucks, I was scanning through with my mate and some of the stuff on it was hilarious. Just though I should share it.
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    Man U - AML - Someone to Replace Bryan Ruiz

    Here the deal: Bryan Ruiz is unhappy because he doesn't like Frey and I rejected a transfer request. Now Barcelona have put in an £11.5M bid for him (No Strings Attached). If I reject he will never forgive me so I might aswell sell him. Question is who do I replace him with.....:S? I will...
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    Sir Alex Ferguson Handed £100M

    According to the Sun, SAF has been given £100 to strengthen the squad despite the club being lumbered with a £700M debt. The full article can be read here If a more reputable source backs this up, I will post it here. ;) What are your views and opinions on this? EDIT: This article also backs...
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    Share your on form players thread!!

    I thought I'd start a thread where you can share players in your save that are on form. Hopefully it can also help people find some players to buy. Template: Name: Nani Age: 25 Natural Position/s: AML Secondary Position/s: AMR Starting Club: Manchester United Average Rating: 7.50 Apps: 23...