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    The Dunkerque Dream

    Yo! Here's another story from me that's going to run alongside the story that I'm also doing. As the Parma one is updated game-by-game; I can't play it so much as I'd have to keep...
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    Saving Parma! From Zero to Heroes

    **Well, after the first save file corrupted, I've had to start again, I'm going to make sure it creates a new file for ever save (which I already thought it did). The OP's the same; I'll probably just edit the pre-season bit because I doubt much was different apart from pre-season results.**...
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    Saving Parma! From Zero to Heroes (Please delete)

    Yo, first off, I'd like to apologise for the SAF Challenge ending abruptly, the save file corrupted and I hadn't made backups :'(. Anyway, I've been through a period where I completely disliked the game, I wasn't enjoying it. But a recent save with Northampton (currently in 2026: Premier...
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    The Alex Ferguson (SAF) Challenge

    Hi guys, Welcome to my new story/challenge, which is the SAF Challenge. A lot of people have done the life of Alex Ferguson where they manage East Stirlingshire, Aberdeen and Manchester United. However, this is different. This is based solely on what he did at Manchester United. He took...
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    Wonderkid XI YouTube Series

    Hey guys, I’ve just kicked off a new series over on YouTube; it’s where I take a squad of the best Football Manager wonderkids under the age of 18 and see how well I can do in the Barclays Premier League. Videos will be posted twice a week, and I hope you can find some time to watch...