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    half back suggestion

    can someone give me advice on good half back?`am play in championship
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    trying to build 442

    hello gamers!! i just wonder how u guys should set up a simple 4-4-2 for vanarama teams?` thanks in advice
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    scouting in lower leagues

    someone who can explain how to scout to find best players in vanarama and league 2 and 1? what attributes are most important in the rubbish leagues?? what attributes to look for? =) grateful for the answers!
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    target man tactic advice..

    hello =) i going to build a 4-4-2 tactic thats use target and pocher up front.. But I'm not sure which TI´s thats works with that striker combo?? can anyone give some tip for me ??
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    Help to change tycoon takeover pleasae

    Hello.. am trying to change the edt file for valid tycoons takeovers so that sweden can get tycoons but im not sure that i have edited it right!! i just want tycoons to take overs not the other **** =) my EDT file looks like this when i have edit it is that right or whats wrong?? thanks in...
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    online game ?

    Hello all =) i want to start an online game with someone... If someone is intrested pls contact me on steam my name is gotlandskommun there.. and we can start as fast we can.. im looking for just one player because i want it to go fast in game =)
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    4-1-2-2-1 tactic help

    Playing in swedish lower league but having hard time to get my shots on goal and to score goals =( can any one help me and see over the tactic PLS what dutys and roles should u have set for these players? and what shouts works best in lower league? thanks in advice
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    how to play in skrill noth/south plaing as FC United

    Am thinking of starting a last save in fm 14 with FC United and have a 4-4-2 in mind.. but have tried it before and can really not get it to work.. =/ so im playing a stright 4-4-2 with a big small combo up front. but its not working at all =/ so please someone how would u do and set up team...
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    4-1-2-2-1 counter tactic help PLS!!!

    Im playing as ST Etienne in france and having trouble with my tactic.. first season i ended up in 4th but this season nothing work =( so if someone can get som tip it would be awsome..
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    RB Leipzig tactic help

    Hello all!! I have just started a new game and trying to get a 4-3-3/4-1-2-2-1 to work but dont works so good for me.. so can someone help me how to set up a solid and working 4-1-2-2-1 its flat back 4 and 1 dm 2cm and 2 wingers and 1 striker.. thanks in advice =)
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    how to create more chances? Skrill north tactic help

    am playing with FC United in the Skrill north league and having big trouble creating chances... Can someone nice and frendly help me out a bit? what would u suggest for me to do? heres a screen of my tactic
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    delete ingame editor?

    is there any way to remove the **** tool?? and no i can not just leave it its so easy to just klick it.. please help =)
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    need tactic for reading

    Can someone please recommend a tactic for this team??
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    third season tactic help please (reading)??

    is there anyone that can recommend a good 4-2-3-1 tactic with 2 cm for my squad?? Here is my team
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    simple 442

    i just Wonder how to set up a simple 442 tactic with a Targetman and potcher?? what settings is the simpliest to use for the tactic to be simple and effective in llm?playing in the last English division with fc United!! thanks in advice
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    Monaco tactic 2 season?

    hello... wonder if anyone can suggest a good solid tactic for this team?? thanks in advice
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    Monaco 2 season

    Have difficulty getting my team to perform, think I have a good team. But maybe it's just me who thinks hehe .. Anyone can give any tips?
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    tactic help fast pls

    can someoine be nice to shere a simple 4-3-1-2 tactic that works in llm??
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    1899 Hoffenheim

    can someone recommend and tactic for 1899 Hoffenheim with latest transfer update=