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    Juniors BAP

    Hoping to make this for about 20 people. All Players will be born in 1996. CA will be 110 PA -10. Players will start unemployed. Players will be declared for first nation. Loading; England, Spain, France, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Holland, Portugal. Updates will be every half season (i.e...
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    JuniorMidget's Auction Game

    Thought I would make this. Rules Any amount of bids per round. Your team must have at least 18 players. All bids must be at round numbers i.e. 11m, 12m, 13m etc. You will have a budget of £500m. (Your squad value must not exceed £500m) You do not have to buy staff I shall create some and...
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    Help With Editor.

    Every time I load the editor i get a darkened screen with jumbled. This has appeared since I downloaded the new update and so I have been unable to use the editor. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but it hasn't changed anything. Can anyone help please?
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    Juniors Auction Game

    No Spaces Remaining. I am looking for 16 reliable people to join the game. On a first-come-first serve basis Rules If you want to join then just fill out this form: Team Name: Nickname: Home Kit Colours: Away Kit Colours: The Teams mark 19 times - Fc United Of Manchester - £1.05m...