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    Fm 12 save game refuses to load

    Yeah, I still play 12. After about 3 seasons, FM starts to slow down considerably. I've delete scout reports and notes but it is still slow. then without warning, my save game refuses to load when I try to reload. The loading progress bar is just stuck there like 20% of the way until the whole...
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    25 million pound regen

    schalke have a gem of a regen aged 16 who they are willing to sell for 25 million quid. This kid is immense and i need more homegrown players so I want to sign him while he's still young. Should I? Bear in mind he's still 16...
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    Need good DC and creative striker

    Just inherited a champions league winning FC Bayern Munchen team and would like to improve upon it. Any suggestions ? Budget is 33 million pounds.
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    need a great topic

    I need a stand-out public speaking script. If someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction :)
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    The Expendables 2 !!!!

    Personally, I can't wait !!!!
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    I aced my exams

    just got back from school. Found out I got straight As for the most important exam in my life, so far. :)
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    Dann suffers ruptured ********

    Blackburn Rovers have suffered another blow with the news that defender Scott Dann has been ruled out of action for six weeks after he ruptured a ********. Ouch !!!!
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    midfielder for United season 3

    i already have andile jali, m'vila, fletcher, ruben yttergard jenssen and a good regen. I want to purchase a truly world-class player to galvanize my midfield. Currently its modric, ganso or barkley ( for the future ) ? any suggestions ?
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    The I lost something thread

    I'll get the ball rolling. I seem to have misplaced my lithium ion battery pack. after i charged it, i unpluged it and left it adjacent to my computer desk but after 2 days of neglect, it disappeared :O
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    Sentence Game

    Rules of the Game! Copy the Poster Before you Add another line to the story Post! The story ends when it's incorporated a mustache, blue cheese, Edward Cullen, Spongebob and a pair of pants. Let's see where this takes us! STARTING OFF WITH: Rick was on his way to Wall-mart when he saw a...
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    Overkill tactic

    Greetings my fellow friends. After hours spent tweaking away in my basement, i think i may have come up with a tactic that just bulldozes over opponents. A Little Background I'm trying to emulate the great all conquering United side of 98-99. In my quest, i have stumbled upon Raikan007's...
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    player development help

    i bought mbaye niang in the first season but due to both kadlec and cavani being on fire he didn't get a sniff. I started to play him a little the 2nd season but i noticed his rating has decreased from 4 to 3.5 stars. My *** man told me his progress has stall due to lack of Playing experience...
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    best midfielder by third season

    im trying to mold a dream team and i need a captain fantastic, a steven gerrard of sorts. A midfielder that can do everything. Money is no object :)
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    giuseppi rossi or edinson cavani

    who is the more complete forward ?
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    selling anderson for 11 million quid ?

    ok, should I ?
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    midfielder for 10 million quid

    looking for a player in the second season good enough for united :)
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    10 out of 10 rating for players

    Rooney got this sweet rating for banging in 5 goals against Chelsea :) Share yours :D
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    willian advice

    should i teach willian from shaktar the ppm " look for pass rather than shoot " on account of his 12 in finishing. But he also has a 16 in long shot :O