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    Liverpool 1st season

    Just before the season has started and Coutinho is out for 4/5 months sturridge wanted to leave after a bid for him came in got £40m for him. can get felipe anderson for £40m or asensio for £42.5m im thinking asensio is the better choice but figured id ask here also any other recommendations...
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    Online Anyone?

    Anyone up for an Online Game starting when theres a few people if yeah just add me on Steam: Scurffy
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    Global Free Agent Challenge Online

    Add me on steam if you want to play my steam id is: scurffyuk its the BPL but with the Global Free Agent Challenge in it
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    Its a Be A Player!

    only taking the first 10 so there will be me and 10 others playing the template is this Name: D.O.B (D/M, all players will be 16): Home town: Nationality: Position/s: Physical stats(max 4) others will be 10 : Mental stats(max 5) others will be 10 : Technical stats(max 5) others will be 10 ...
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    Fm2013 Network Game

    anyone want to play? Post ur steam names and i will add u only looking for 1 or 2 commited players.
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    Fifa 13 Pro Clubs PC

    if ur on PC and want to join a pro club i will make one if i get a few people and i will post the name of it if i get 2 or more people interested in joining
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    Creating a Nation

    I have made a new nation by editing a different country and yet when i want to choose it to be able to manage a team in it refuses to let me choose it does anyone know why this happens? and how can i sort it out
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    Global Free Agent Challenge

    I am doing this with Liverpool after seeing coolmcools story about him doing it with stoke i will post my transfers,results and if anyone wants me to i will show u the squads of teams
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    Fm2013 Network Game

    I have set up a BPL league anyone want to join? The name is BPL league the password is 15
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    1st season got money to spend need good players instant impact or youth any positions
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    My League

    anyone up for a game right now using the BPL i am Southampton for a challenge
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    Versus Games

    tell me ur steam names i add u and then we play when we r both online
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    Have a big budget and big wage budget from a new owner and i am looking to get some new players in. Any ideas for LB,RB,CB,CM,LW,RW,ST price dont matter just not over 30m plz
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    Fm2012 Network Game

    Do i need Hamachi to make one and how do i make one?
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    Scruffyuk's BAP

    I am only taking 6 people on make it realistic! Full Name: Common Name (If you want): Ethnicity: Hair Colour: Skin Tone (Number or colour): Date Of Birth (Year will be 1996): Height: Weight: Birth City: Nation: Job Preferences (max 2): Left Foot Strength/Right Foot Strength: Positions with...
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    8th season with Oxford in Prem

    Need 1 maybe 2 great CB's and a L/R midfielder to help get assists. Also any good youth prospects would be nice. Can spend over 200million and have like 2million spare on wage budget. Any ideas anyone?
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    Managing Oxford got into Prem in my 7th season!

    Need good CB's and Left and Right Midfielders to strengthen squad.Got a transfer budget of 21million
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    New Players for my Oxford squad 3rd season in npower league 1

    i need a quality GK and a good RB along with a really good target man
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    Anyone know any great youth prospects?

    Managing Man Utd in 1st seson wanting some youths to develop my squad for the future