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    Playing through my '10'

    I'm running a 4-2-3-1 (Attacking/Flexible): -------------AF-------------- --IF(a)-----AP(a)--------W(a) -----CM(s)-----(BWM(d)---- ------------------------------ --FB(au)-CD(d)--CD(d)--FB(s) Tactic-wise there's not much I can complain about. What I am having a problem with is wanting my...
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    Preset Opposition instructions (e.g. built into the tactic)

    How do you do this? I understand you can ask the assman each game to automatically do this, or you can set this yourself. But I want to know ow you manipulate this within your tactic AUTOMATICALLY without having to go to the assman or manually do it each game? I've seen tactics with this already...
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    Why does playing away mean my team turns to ****?

    Seriously. No mattter how good the players? Please please please dont put this down as "learn to play" bs - because yes, cant win every game yadda yadda, but no matter how good your players (player skill ability still matters right?) as soon as its away, tactics are suddenly ***** and the other...
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    Offside Trap: What players/attributes would be the most suitable for this?

    I'm wanting to build tactics that employ the best use of the offside trap. Has anyone had (proven) success with using a combination of the shout (Offisde Trap) and with certain players with certain attributes? Presumably this is best used with a high line and/or sweeper keeper?
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    FM Oppositional scouts lie!

    Seemingly every time I fall in the trap of believing what my scout says about the opposing team's :Most Vulnerable to" and I switch to a tactic that it says it is, I seemingly always lose! ****** liars. Next time they say Man Ctiy is vulnerable to a 5-3-2, Imma run a 1-4-5. Take that SI games!
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    Finishing chances (VITA)

    Honestly, I think FMC/FMC Vita the finishing is much worse than the full version. I'm running the same tactics with comparable players and the full game always yields better results for me. I've only maybe scored more than 4 goals about 3 or 5 times on VITA, but I can do this almost regularly...