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    project dummy kits

    Hi, does anyone have any idea where i can get the project dummy kit templates from please?
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    created team getting entry to the f.a cup

    Hi guys i created a new team using the 2012 editor and started the game up starting off in the english bsn now into my 2nd season also being promoted to the bsp i still have not been entered into the f.a cup and its now up to round 4... why is this? i thought maybe i would of had to go back to...
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    getting a new clubs logo in game???

    Hi, I made a new club United Newcastle and made them a logo to place in game, after going to the config file in notepad and add there <record from="utdnewcastle" to="graphics/pictures/club/2062002128/icon"/> and saving the file nothing shows in game except the default logo.. the picture when...
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    config files for 3rd kits

    Hi all. So for my custom kits the 3rd kits will not show i've tried allsorts put the mane of the 3rd kit put the year i was in gam at the end but still nothing.. does anyone have a working config file for 3rd kits??? so they show in game, everyone says do this do thay but it dont...
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    A brand new kind of fm tool to download

    Hey guys, Ive started work on a new kind of tool that will help all kit makers majorly and save alot of time whilst doing so. I've trawled many football manager based websites to see if there was any else like it and i'm glad to say there is not. It's a whole new idea and tool that as far as im...
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    Retro Kit Request Thread

    Hey guy's, im making retro kits for any teams that may be requested all i need from you is. A link to the retro kit picture unique club i.d PLEASE NOTE I WONT MAKE ANY FANTASY KITS ONLY KITS HAVE HAVE EXSISTED IN THE PAST (retro). TAKE A LOOK AT MY RETRO WORK SO FAR ALL OF THESE AND MORE ARE...
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    Uploading files..

    I've created some retro toon kits the 1995 grandad coller kits and i think i've uploaded them but before they become available for download do they have to be approved as i cant seem to see my kits available for people to download?
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    Fm2010 keeps crashing help!!!!!!

    Hey guys im in the the year 2014 in the 3rd group game of the world cup with nigeria about to play france but when i click go to game the whole game crash's now this has only done this since i decided to use fmrte to heal my players to stande a chance againest france lol (cheating i know but...
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    getting 3rd kits to show in game??

    hey guys i've dl'd the new nufc kits for the coming season only prob is the 3rd kit wont show in game the home and away are fie but no joy at all on 3rd i have changed the end to the year i am in game but still nothing any ideas on why and how to fix this? ps i have pasted the config of exactly...
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    how to resize

    hey guys how do i resize an image in photoshop?? like the sponser logo for a shirt for example??
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    Why wont 3rd kit show in-game?

    Hi guys, so i put in some new kits for the toon (nufc) but the 3rd kit wont show in game just has the default fat stupid kit that is already on game when u get it i have looked at the config files and all seems to be normal exact same as home and away so why wont it work i have pasted exactly...
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    Any Reqeuests for club kits

    Hi guys i've started to make my own kits below is a few.. If anyone wants anymade please let me know and i will do them for you please give me info on club colours and club crests and anything else you want added ALSO DONT FORGET THE CLUB ID for the config files
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    using fmrte with fm2010 patch 10.2

    is it just me or is anyone else having problems using fmrte with the new patch it say fmrte dectect a version of fm2010 but can not dectect which version and asks me to name it out of a choice of fm2010dvd and fm2010dvd with patch i select either one and it crashes???
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    Making your own kits

    Hi is there anyone who can tell me how to make my own kits i have downloaded 2 sets of kit templates but havent got a clue how to make em as im pants lol im using photoshop???? anyone please Thanks
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    Newcastle United Skin

    Can anyone tell me if there is a Newcastle United skin available for download on here or if not is there anyone can possibly make one for me please Thanks in advance
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    Managing a national side

    Why is it that when ever i accept a job offer from a natinal team i dont get it they just keep offering it me and im never installed as manager???? does anyone else have this problem??
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    Kits and Logos

    Hi there i have set up a 2nd team for my city (Newcastle upon tyne) and called them newcastle city. i would really like to have a home, away and 3rd kit made for them as well as a club logo. i dont know how to do this my self but would love someone from here to take the challenge.. the clubs...
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    new logo please help

    Hi i recently made a new team for the game ... Newcastle city. I have a picture for th clubs logo but need it converted so i can use it in game could some please do this for me please, i would gretly appriecate this thank guys.. I will supply the picture the zip file and the club i.d I have...