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    Scottish Football Shakeover Help..!!!

    i am lookinf for someone who makes custom databases for FM12?...i am looking for someone to give scottish football a full make over...thanks for any help givin
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    Increase number of subs??

    Hi guys was won dering if someone could help me...i am using an extended scottish league database and was wondering if i can increase the number of subs taken to a domestic match from 5 to 7 subs?...thanks for any help given..
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    Prize Money

    Can you edit the amount of prize money you win if you win the league or your national cup..?...if so how do you do it? ..thanks lads for any help
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    Looking For A LB..

    hi lads i am looking for a left back...a wonderkid preferably but not too old with decent defending skills and can also dribble and put a good cross in no object..thanks lads
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    Clydesdale SPL Reserve League

    hi lads...hope someone can help me i am trying to figure out if i can turn the reserve league back on in the clydedale SPL? would be greatly apreciated if i could get advice...thanks lads..
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    Ibraham Gnanou

    good player for the money and can play all along the back line ---------- Post added at 10:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:31 PM ----------
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    Is it possible to have coaching 5 stars?

    i was wondering if it is possible to get all my coaching categories 5 stars...i have tried a few coaches in my game but cant quite do it..could any one help me and tell me what coaches stats are needed for each category to make them 5 stars?..thanks
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    Cesar Navas - Rubin

    i seen this CB and i was wondering if anyone had any EXP with him n if he is any good?...
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    is it possible to have coaching 5 stars?

    i was wondering if it is possible to have all the training categories 5 stars and if you can could anyone tel me what stats does a coach need to have for each category to make them 5 stars..
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    Taking Screenshots

    hi there i know this might soung pathetic just need some help lads... i just dont know how to take screen shots of my FM..i have like snipping tool n that but i honastly dont have a clue..can some 1 help me please...thanks a lot
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    Hans Medunjanin M.Tel-Aviv

    i found this player and was wondering if anyone has any history with him.i am sorry i do not know hw to upload a pic of him but he looks amazing for the money...thanks for any replys and sorry again