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    Regional Challenge - World Tour

    Regional Challenge – World Tour I am starting a story based on the rules set out here, a challenge that I made up to get a full experience of travelling around the world and experiencing new leagues. For those who want to get the general gist of the challenge without reading the rules (rules...
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    Regions Challenge

    Regions Challenge Hey thought I would share my current challenge, its pretty fun and really lets you · You must start as a Sunday League reputation manager with no coaching badges · You can be any nationality or dual nationality you want · The challenge is to gain...
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    Beat The Odds

    I know I have another story on the go currently but I fancied starting a new idea for now. Those who might be following my World Tour, I do plan on continuing that at some point, as I feel like continuing with Football Manager 2016 for a little while yet. The idea behind this save is actually...
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    I always like to do story with a few rules. The idea for this is a World Tour starting as a manager with no experience and no coaching qualification. The rules for the tour are that I must start in Oceania and work in each continent for 8 years at a minimum before moving on to a new continent...
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    Extended Pentagon Challenge [FM14] - Video Career

    Welcome to what I am calling the Extended Pentagon Challenge. Most people have heard of the Pentagon Challenge and many people have attempted it. For any of you who don't know what it is, the general principle is to win the Champion's League in every possible continent that is playable in...