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  1. J

    Multiple Nation Rules

    I was trying to bunch teams from different countries into regional leagues like Iberia and UK and Ireland ones to create a different challenge. However when I try to do this I can't as you can only make one new nation rules on the Editor. So I was wondering how I would do this? Thanks
  2. J

    Removing Champions League

    Can you remove the Champions League on Editor? If not can I change the qualification places for it? Thanks
  3. J

    joshwiggy's European Auction Game

    I am looking for 16 reliable people to start an Auction Game where the rounds will be based on European nations. The Rules: Premier League Juniors Midgets - JuniorMidget - £11m Speed Kings - Trickspeed - -£2.3425m Sterling Archers - sat10 - £10.7725m Crusaders - nirmit11 - £0.35m...
  4. J

    Pentagon Challenge

    You may of heard of this before, but I think it must be the hardest challenge on FM so I decided to start it myself and wondered if anyone else wanted to have a go. What you have to do is win the Champions League of all 5 continents starting unemployed with a Sunday League reputation. To start...
  5. J

    New club logo

    I've made a team called FC Josh 95 and would really appreciate it if someone could make me a logo, one small and one large for FM. I would want it mostly white but with blue and green in there and for the design I don't mind too much. The Unique ID for the team is 2062002128 and I could do with...
  6. J

    Blackburn 2013/14

    I'm playing as Blackburn and have been doing well, won the Europa League last season but now I'm doing terrible and want to overhaul my team a bit. But who should I buy and sell? My screenshots are here: I've got Wilshere and Kevin coming in January and I'm 12th in the league as well
  7. J

    Player Wage Cap

    How would I create an individual player wage cap so no player's wages went above £25,000 for example? I wanted to even things up between the teams a bit without changing reputations. Thanks
  8. J

    Hi I'm Josh

    Hi i'm Josh from England. I've been reading through this site for ages but haven't commented on much. I've only just found this thread so I thought I'd put myself on it. I love Football Manager and probably spend too much time on it, even though I keep changing my game too much 8-|