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    Brendan Rodgers' 4312/442 diamond

    BRENDAN RODGERS // LIVERPOOL FC // DIAMOND // 2013/14 // [FM17] Real life: Philosophy: *Keep diamond *Keep possession *High pressing *Build-up from the back *Quick play in attacking third *Attacking and defending as a team *Attacking football FM: Tactic: Instructions: *Very...
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    Total-Taka / Barcelona 4-3-3

    Total-Taka / Barcelona 4-3-3 (16.2) Tested w/ FC Barcelona and Villarreal CF What "Total-Taka" is? Total football + Tiki-taka combination. I'm a big fan of Pep Guardiola's Barca style, but my tactic is not about 70-80% possession per game, or something. It's very fluid, nice to watch...
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    Louis Van Gaal - Philosophy / Man United 2015/16

    Louis Van Gaal - Philosophy /Man United 2015/16 4-2-3-1 / 4-4-1-1 : Ball possession + No risk + Tactical discipline LVG about #10 role : "I prefer that position to be more a second striker than a third midfielder." "A match is defined in four main moments," said van Gaal. "We call them ball...
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    Marcelo Bielsa OM 14/15 : 3-3-3-1

    Marcelo Bielsa's Olympique de Marseille (15.1.3) 3-3-3-1 : ScreenShots : update : Download : update :
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    realistic injuries

    Hey, anyone knows "realistic injuries" fix file for FM14 can be usefully for FM15 ?
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    2-3-5 : Guardiola's Bayern

    2-3-5 TIKI-TAKA / DOMINATION FOOTBALL / PARADIGMA GUARDIOLA [14.3.0] Intro: "Football in the 19th century was a game that would be difficult for us to recognize now in comparison to the modern sport we are accustomed to. At the time, football was still in the process of formalizing itself...
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    Barcelona B - Facepack

    Hello, I'm lookin' for Barca 'B' facepack from 13/14 season. I can't find this pack ;/ Maybe someone got this and can upload for me ?
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    Messi in Newell's ?

    Hello, a couple of weeks ago I started my new career with Newell's Old Boys. And my question is - is it possible to buying Messi to Newell's ? or maybe bring him when his contract with Barcelona comes to end ? In FM he : Preferred country - Argentina & preferred club - Barcelona Anyone spotted...